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5 Must-Have 2012 iOS Games to Show Off your iPad’s Shiny New Display

If you’ve been wondering which games you should check out on your new iPad, wonder no more. We have a list of Retina Display enabled games that will blow your minds and eyeballs out of your head. While this list is by no means comprehensive, we think these five games are a great place to your “Games” folder, if you already haven’t. One last thing before we start, don’t forget to check out our article on other must-have apps for the new iPad, all of them set to take advantage of the new screen.

So without further ado, here are five games to show off your iPad’s shiny new display.

Infinity Blade 2

Why wouldn’t we start with the Mac Daddy of all iDevice games, Infinity Blade 2? The Infinity Blade series has been featured by Apple at the last two iPad unveilings, and with good reason. The premise is elegant in its simplicity: you do battle with a series of villains guarding an ancient tower, your final destination. With an impressive arsenal of weapons and armor, and countless varied attacks to be thrown, there’s seemingly no limit to the creativity one could employ here. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the story and gameplay are on par with almost any action RPG game you would find on a regular gaming system. Now that this big guy is optimized and ready for the Retina display, well…let’s just say that we don’t see Infinity Blade 2 leaving the best looking iPad game category any time soon.

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

First person shooters on the iPad don’t normally hold up very well, if only because their counterparts on Xbox, Playstation, and PCs are almost always a better product. Given what we have to work with, though, Modern Combat 3 is an excellent example of shooter games on mobile devices done right. It actually runs and feels like a normal FPS, and that’s saying something when you consider the (insert sarcasm here) “limitations” of the device it’s played on. You can even unlock achievements and weapons as you progress, and there’s a multiplayer mode, giving it an even more legitimized FPS feel. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, one can only imagine the fun to be had on Modern Combat. But the good thing is that they don’t. It’s here.

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Mass Effect: Infiltrator

As a tie-in for the hugely popular Mass Effect series on other consoles, Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a fairly new product that still stands out in the increasingly crowded mobile gaming market. This pseudo-supernatural game set in a futuristic world is rife with not only mind-blowing graphics and super smooth animation, but also quite a good story in its own right. As standard duck-and-cover games on mobile devices go, Mass Effect: Infiltrator has the potential to rule them all, and the developers did well to make sure that’s a possibility by quickly optimizing the game for the new iPad. With this in mind, we should plan to see this game near the top of the paid games category sometime soon.

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Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy has the distinct privilege of being one of the games Apple used to highlight the new iPad’s display at the unveiling, and we can see why. Releasing in the App Store just last week, it’s already a big hit, and not just because of Apple’s name dropping. This flight combat simulator sports impressive graphics and smooth tilt controls that take full advantage of the iPad’s advanced gyroscope for ridiculously accurate gameplay. With multiplayer support, you and your friends can do some aerial battling with each other and see who rules the skies, but there’s more to it than just that. Sky Gamblers has an intense campaign mode and over 40 different jet configurations, so there’s plenty to do and see here.

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Real Racing 2 HD

Now we are talking about what is arguably one of my favorite racing games of all time. Although, that doesn’t say a whole lot, seeing as how I’m not really a big fan of racing games. However, Real Racing 2 HD has helped changed my mind a bit. The controls are incredibly smooth and, as I keep saying about all of these games, the graphics really pop. Now just imagine how it looks on the new iPad. With Airplay compatibility that gives you split screen mode on your TV to race against your friends, Real Racing is an excellent way to relax with a group of people. While you crush them to death with your dominance.

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While this list may not be huge, it collects what we think are the go-to gaming apps for the iPad’s Retina display, FOR THE MOMENT. Considering how quickly the App Store market updates to stay in tune with device refreshes, we can expect there to be a litany of Retina capable games in the coming weeks, not to mention a whole slew of brand spanking new ones to be sure. One thing is for certain, the new iPad is forcing developers to step their game up, and that’s a win-win scenario for everybody, including us consumers.

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