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7 Things We Would Like to See Next in Order & Chaos Online

7 Things We Would Like to See Next in Order & Chaos Online

We’re a couple of weeks into the biggest Order and Chaos Online update ever, PvP Arena, and the game has never been better. But like any good MMORPG, OnC cannot remain stagnant. At some point, they’re going to have to put out another update. So, what will be the “next big thing” for the game?

Gameloft has been very tight-lipped about their future plans. Heck, we didn’t even know PvP Arena was coming until a couple weeks before it hit. So what appears below is about 98% speculation, with a few nuggets of “one time, a Gameloft spokesperson said” thrown in for good measure. That said, here’s where the game might go in the future.

Raise the level cap?

It’s safe to say that OnC has taken Level 60 as far as they can. In fact, the difference between someone newly 60 and someone who’s played through the endgame dungeons to obtain epic weapons and gear is so drastic that the latter is practically at a higher level already. At some point the Level 60 ceiling is going to have to break.

Honestly, I don’t see them doing this anytime soon. As we’ve discussed on the Massively Portable podcast, raising the level cap at this point would mean enacting a serious amount of revision to the game. All those Level 60 Legendary Dungeons would either have to be revised up to Level 70, or they’d become a speed-bump on the path to endgame. Likewise with the epic gear and weapons that we’ve all spent so long getting. Would rune armor suddenly go up ten levels? Or would it become pointless as new, better armor appeared?

There are so many problems with raising the level cap at this point, that I don’t think Gameloft will be doing it anytime soon.

Add new zones?

Like raising the level cap, adding new zones is something Gameloft will have to do eventually. In fact, if they raised the level cap, they would have to add new zones in order to create the new quest content needed to level.

But there’s also a possibility of adding new zones without raising the level cap. Big PC MMORPGs like World of Warcraft often have multiple zones that one can quest in at any given level, such that sometimes going into one zone means not questing in another zone with that character. OnC could easily do that. For example, What if the Tanned Lands were repurposed into a true starting zone for Chaos, such that orcs and undead could go all the way to Level 10 without needing to quest in Arcadian Forest? It would add novelty to the game without requiring a heavy level cap raise.

Add new classes?

The four existing classes in OnC really cover a broad range of MMORPG archetypes, but there’s still room for more. New classes are always fun to play! A druid, a shaman, a paladin, a hunter — there’s a ton of possibilities. I personally want to play a psion, something that could easily be spun out of the Eristar fluff in the game.

Here’s another possibility: Epic Classes. Like the Death Knight of WoW, maybe the way forward for OnC is to not raise the level cap, but introduce new classes that start at level 60. This would avoid the aforementioned mess a level cap might create, while still allowing players to advance their characters beyond 60.

Add new races?

See everything I said about classes above, but then add the caveat that race really doesn’t matter in this game. The differences between playing an elf and playing an orc are so slight as to be meaningless. Still, it might be fun to see a short race like goblins or gnomes, or maybe even dwarves (a personal favorite). And since race really doesn’t have an impact on powers and such, it would be an easy add for Gameloft.

Factionalize the game?

I admit that this one isn’t likely. But there’s a part of me that really wishes they would factionalize the game the way it should be based on the name and the fluff. The very name of the game is meaningless in the context of things as they stand. As much as it will probably never happen, I want to see factionalization.

Merge iOS and Android?

Not going to happen. Moving on …

Guild enhancement?

I cannot see Gameloft doing two major game-changing updates in a row, and most of what we’ve talked about so far would be pretty major. So why not go the other way, and tend to the guilds?

Now that PvP is here, guilds need to be more than a name and a shared chat channel. Guild halls, guild chests, guild tabards, even guild PvP leaderboards — there’s so many things guilds could be, but that OnC guilds are not. Guilds foster the vital social component of OnC, and so strengthening the way guilds work would be such a smart thing for Gameloft to do. And, it would mean not having to make a big content update next time. Come on, Gameloft, show guilds some love!

What do you think will be the next big thing for Order and Chaos Online? Let us know in the comments below, or over at the Massively Portable Facebook Page.

For more about Order and Chaos Online and other pocket-sized MMORPGs, listen to the Massively Portable podcast.

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