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Redeeming Points for Prizes


Log In to Redeem your Prizes

To redeem your points for prizes, you must sign in to your rewards account above. Tap the “Get Your Rewards” button or “Earn More” button, then tap the rewards catalog to view the entire catalog and redeem points for prizes. Please use your iPad or desktop computer to redeem prizes. Currently you cannot redeem prizes via iPhone or iPod Touch. Please carefully read the restrictions on each reward item. Some rewards are only available for certain countries.

Check Your Facebook Primary E-Mail Address After you have Redeemed an Item

We email our rewards members based on the primary email account associated with their Facebook account. If you have redeemed an item, be sure to check that email account for instructions to redeem your reward. To change your primary email account on Facebook, please go to Facebook on your desktop computer and click on Settings→Account Settings→Edit email→Set primary email address.

Earn More Points!

Need more points? Quickly earn hundreds of points by downloading special free app offers. Sign in above first and get rewarded to download free apps here.


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  • Jonathan Gopar

    It’s cool and nice to good app

  • Bhavesh Choudhary

    New to appsaga

  • Zack Wallace

    Why can’t we redeem points? And why don’t we get points for downloading the daily free apps you advertise? Maybe 10 points each for those, since they aren’t sponsoring you, but we are using your service…

  • App Chronicles

    Zack, do you have problems redeeming points or downloading sponsored apps? Daily free apps are a service we provide. They are already discounted to free for a limited time. We currently do not provide points for downloading them.

  • Zack Wallace

    I was unable to view it on my iPhone. I can view them on my work PC using chrome, but I also think I couldn’t see it on my home computer using IE. Please mod so we can see them on our iDevices.

  • App Chronicles

    We have fixed that problem earlier this week by moving the redeem page to the desktop version, even on the iPhone. Make sure you are on this page to log in to the redeem page.

  • Penglong

    Redeem window take so long to load!

  • Joy Michelle Sioson-Santos

    Can we get more universal points? Thanks!

  • Bad booster

    Great incentive

  • George

    Need more apps!

  • Harsimran Kaur

    New here…:-) liking tis award concept..

  • Vincent

    Me too

  • Mark Joseph Cruz

    this is great!! more power to appsaga!

  • badnobe

    nice one!

  • Vinsint

    I have over 1000 points, how come when I press redeem on any 99 cent app, nothing happens?

  • Vinsint

    Is this the place to ask these types of questions?

  • App Chronicles

    The redeem button seems to be currently malfunctioning on the iPhone browsers. Please try with iPad or desktop computer.

  • App Chronicles

    Yes. Please leave comments on any issue you may have regarding the rewards program here.

  • Vinsint

    It won’t let me log in with facebook on the desktop nor redeem on my ipad. Any other possibilities?

  • App Chronicles

    We tested it on the iPad for redeeming and it worked. what desktop computer and browser are you using? We have no issues logging in with Facebook on desktop.

  • App Chronicles

    also try clearing your browser cache and relogin might work.

  • Vinsint

    I’m using safari on iPad and chrome on desktop. How to I log out? Can’t seem to find the button

  • App Chronicles

    Press (not you) by your name.

  • App Chronicles

    Also please try clearing your cache. On your iPad go to Settings->Safari->Clear Cookies and data