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App Saga is now taking requests for featuring your iOS apps or games in our Apps Gone Free page. We are currently only taking paid apps that you plan to make free for a limited time. However, we cannot guarantee your app will be featured on our website. Our editors will have to review your app to make sure it has sufficient appeal and quality to satisfy the needs of our readers. Please send us the Apps Gone Free e-mail listed below with a promo-code so we can test your app. If we plan to feature your app, we will let you know.

If you want to send us press releases or contact us about your app. Feel free to send it to But we cannot guarantee that we will feature your app in an app news or review post. We only feature apps on our website that we feel are of interest to our readers

If you wish to advertise with us through display ads on our website or RSS feed, please follow this link.


For Apps Gone Free feature requests:

send to (Please don’t send us emails for topics not related iOS apps going free for this email address.)


For Press Releases and other info:

send to

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  • JoAnn M Dyer

    Who to contact regarding general rules about the iTunes $50 gift card giveaway each month? I have an idea as to why the rules are being changed and wanted to verify…

  • We are just working on modifying it to include a bigger pool of participants. It should be revealed on 1/4 as we work on the details. You can contact

  • JV

    Hi. Not sure as to why I haven’t gotten my points yet for downloading an app. It’s been more than 2 hours now, still nothing. And I have already tried to play the app as well.

  • Amy MacCallum

    Have gotten Apps Gone Free in Spanish the last 2 of 3 days. What’s up?

  • Immad Khan

    why were my 1335 points deducted…

  • Da Oscar G Gong

    Hi AppSaga, may I know that why am I unable to earn points from tweeting? This has happened since 2 months ago, could you help me with it ?

  • Amy Funnier

    This just popped into my head: can points be redeemed towards in-app purchases?

  • Corpus

    I’m not on Facebook, and I don’t want to be – is there another way to get into the rewards program?


    I would have liked to have gotten MocaDeco, if I had received the email BEFORE the offer expired, since it did not show up until 2:36 AM oN the 18th.


    Johnny Peloso

    Sent from my iPad

    On Apr 18, 2014, at 2:36 AM, AppChronicles wrote:


  • Sorry about that. It appeared that our email service provider had some technical difficulties with their service that day so it was sent out late.

  • We will allow non-Facebook sign on in the near future (2-3 months).

  • Sorry, we currently have no method of purchasing in-app purchases. What type of purchases are you looking for? Perhaps we might be able to do that in the future by talking to individual app developers.


    When might MocaDeco dhow up again?

    Johnny Peloso

    Sent from my iPad

  • Amy Funnier

    That’s okay. I wasn’t seriously shopping for any in-app purchases. It was just a random idea that popped into my head. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  • Cauldie

    this is the second time I went to install an app to test, that it wasn’t FREE. Neither one said ‘one day only’, they both said ‘limited time’. This time it’s Pepi Doctor. On day 1 it showed free on APPSGONEFREE but wasn’t, day 2 APPSGONEFREE showed EXPIRED (that’s today).


  • Cauldie

    the other app was a Toca – Hair Salon, or some other store, a week or 2 ago

  • Peter Bohanna

    what on earth gives? you took more than 500pts from me recently..why? huh?

  • ronov

    Apps gone free is NOT apps (StarWars) with a discount!!! When they are free then they are FREE !

  • Josper909

    Poor choice AGF? Knights of the old republic is NOT Free. I understand throwing in some paid advertisements but please don’t show discounted apps. I return daily for the free. If it changes to discounts Plus. I will go elsewhere..

  • Hi, due to many people not happy throwing in discounts which we felt were a big deal, we won’t show them on Apps Gone Free category page any more. However we will be adding in Promoted freemium apps to that page. Promoted apps will be marked as “Promoted by their app icon”

  • Jean Hachey

    None of the proposed apps are free today!

  • Jigar SpaceO

    Where we contact, if I wish to reviewed my app PlantsPedia?

  • MubashirAmin

    How to redeem app against points?

  • Tml722

    How do I sign up to fet appsgonefree notifications in my daily mail?

  • ug

    Ithoughts has been “secretly” reduced in price from 10 bux to 2 for 24 hours to support the migration to this new version for first responders. this is a * must have* if you are into mind mapping, and worth the 2 bux. its also that time for our “quarterly” fake promise that we will be able to get onto the rewards program without big brother facebook “in “3” months.” lastly, how abouts bringing back the search button here? I like to refer stuff here out and can’t sometimes remember the name.

  • Thanks for the tip on iThoughts. We have also added back a search button to every page.

    As for an alternative log-in for AppSaga Rewards, it will be implemented in the next update that will give the program a new look as well as making the reward site optimized for mobile devices. It is taking longer than we have anticipated.

  • Ibrahim


    I just redeemed 5000 points but did not get any email from you. Can you please inform me how can I send you my correct email address so you can send me the redeem code ?

  • Ibrahim


    I redeemed 5000 points but didn’t receive the code. Can you please make sure you have my correct email on file because I usually log in through my Facebook account and I don’t want my 5000 points to have been wasted.

    Kindly reply ASAP and I am willing to provide you with all the needed details

  • JamesLoit

    Check out the “Plinking” App!

  • Jennifer

    I have used your Apps Gone Free App for several years and love it. I have referred it to another teacher to use but we are unable to locate the Apps Gone Free app in the App Store. What are we missing?

  • warren

    My wonderful appsgonefree app has switched to what appears to be Spanish !!
    How do I change back to English please?

  • Stubbieoz

    Is there an appsaga for Australians?
    I am sick of receiving emails from appsaga stating that an app has gone free, only to open the email straight away, clicking on the link, and finding the app at full price.

  • Why don’t you review free apps only Apps Gone free?

  • Andy Browne

    A few weeks ago I stopped getting my daily email from appsaga with the pick of the day’s free apps. It looks like the daily digest posts aren’t being done any more. Are there any plans to bring them back?

  • Susan

    Tried to get Sleep Furiously from appsgone free and not really free, it’s $3.49

  • Susan

    Great! I post my comment earlier, and you go to appsgone free and throw an “expired” on game that said it was free when I tried to get it! Thanks for your help!

  • ジョシュ

    Isn’t there an android google play store version of you guys. I have an iPAD and a galaxy tab, I want free apps for my galaxy tab too.