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App Store’s Hot New Games This Week! He Man, Zombiewood, Shardlands, and More!

While you wait to pre-order your iPad Mini, you’ll have to make do with the stupid old BIG screen on your regular iPad while you play this week’s hot new games… In the mix is Gameloft’s latest zombie title, as well as an old cartoon hero remake from Chillingo and a newcomer to the word-game genre. Trailers and more details below.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

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( stars with Ratings)


Chillingo is bringing He-Man to the App Store. This game has you defending the secrets of Castle Graskull and playing as a super-ripped blonde guy. The first release comes with 27 levels based in 7 different areas of a planet called Eternia.


Shardlands Universal

(4.5 stars with 150 Ratings)


This title from Breach Entertainment dares to combine elements of the puzzler and the action game in Shardlands… It also features “big scary monsters” and is set in an alien world… Sounds interesting enough to be worth $1.99.


Letterpress – Word Game Universal

(4 stars with 22809 Ratings)


Don’t kid yourself. You can’t bear to play another round of Words With Friends, and that means it’s time to try a new word Game. From the maker of the hit Twitter app, Twittie, Letterpress from atebits looks super simple and colorful. That says nothing about gameplay, but it’s free to try, so let’s see if it gives Words With Friends a run for its money!

Punch Quest

Punch Quest Universal

(4.5 stars with 19592 Ratings)


Here’s an endless runner from Rocketcat Games. This version of the popular genre comes with a punching gameplay mechanic, quite obviously, and logic says that should make it better than most!


Zombiewood – Guns! Action! Zombies! Universal

(4.5 stars with 10212 Ratings)


For the first time in awhile, Gameloft is hitting us with a game that doesn’t declare itself as a copy of something else—at least not at first glance… Zombiewood is based in Los Angeles, and it’s presented in a “cartoon style inspired by a Hollywood setting.” Check it out if you’re looking for a humorous take on the worn out zombie theme.

Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 Universal

(4.5 stars with 102 Ratings)


Get ready for the epic saga of Tycho Ephemerous Brahe, as “optimized for your mobile thingy.” This one was originally released on Steam and Xbox, but now for $2.99 you can use your iOS device to experience a story that supposedly threatens “the very idea of reality itself.”

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