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Apple allegedly working on new TV set-top box. What about the rumored Apple Television set?

Rumors about a complete Apple television set have died down as of late, but the Wall Street Journal wants us to believe that the company is still thoroughly interested in entering your living room in the form of live TV. To stoke that fire, the WSJ has reported that lots of “people familiar with the matter” can confirm that Apple is holding meetings with some of the largest cable operators in the U.S.

So what might these meetings be about? Well, with no grounds on which to suspect a coming reveal of an Apple television set, the media is turning to the possibility of a revamped Apple set-top box—one that’s responsible for all your live TV needs. And the twist? Instead of the usual $20 and under that you pay your cable operator each month for your current top box, the Apple version might be available for more like $200 outright. Such a strategy would gel with how Apple chose to enter the cellular market, but after having seen how that example went down, one wonders if the television industry giants like Samsung and TiVo will be willing to make room for Apple.

If Apple’s big television announcement (assuming one happens at some point) turns out to be a set-top box, how disappointed would you be about not getting an actual television set? The WSJ cites more sources when stating that the set-top box technology could be implemented in the form of an actual television, and yet that’s not what we’re talking about today… I’m not so sure that a more expensive Apple TV—like the “hobby” one that’s currently available—would be enough to incite a big response, live offerings or not.

As far as official statements go, Apple’s Tom Neumayr told the WSJ that what they were talking about was nothing more than rumor and speculation. True enough, but you still have to wonder what’s getting discussed behind closed doors in these supposed meetings with cable operators.

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