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Apple could unveil Pandora-style music service at next week’s big iPhone event

Now that the September 12th announcement date is set in stone, the waiting game has begun until we’ll finally get a good look at the new iPhone and all it brings to the table… In the mean time, we’re left wondering what else the event in San Francisco might hold. In an unexpected turn, The Wall Street Journal has come forward in saying that we could be about to see a Pandora-style music service bearing the Apple brand.

As with any unreleased item from Apple, be it a product or a service, we don’t really know anything at this point. However, the WSJ reports that Apple is currently working out deals with record companies so that they can presumably undercut the government rates paid by the likes of Pandora.

So how would it look to get your virtual radio stations directly from Apple? We’re assuming that the user would still be picking a core artist on which the station is built, but there’s no doubt Apple would seek to bring something new to the game, and I don’t think we’re the only ones interested in seeing what that might be. But will the record companies be as eager as we are to make this work? There’s no question that Apple’s experience with Genius is directly applicable, but they may run into problems similar to what they’ve been finding in the television industry.

While the idea of an Internet radio service from Apple doesn’t seem outlandish, I’m questioning the September 12th date. I’d be much quicker to go along with any old date in October—the month in which Apple is rumored to be unveiling the iPad Mini at a music-themed event. Either way, Pandora could be in for some devastating news during this last quarter of 2012.

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