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Apple may Introduce AirPlay Direct in next iPhone, No Longer Requiring Wi-Fi Network

If Apple’s AirPlay feature doesn’t get talked about that frequently, it’s got to be only because the group of people who are actually able to utilize it remains quite small. Even for your basic audio uses, you’ve got to have a Wi-Fi network available in order to do what other handset makers accomplish via a simple Bluetooth connection… For that reason, it’s a good thing Apple might be upgrading AirPlay –something they are reportedly looking to do in the coming device launch rumored to be taking place in September.

While Airplay will probably do the same thing it does now, it could be easier to set up if it is upgraded to something like “AirPlay Direct.” That might not be the actual name, but it’s what we’ll use when referring to an AirPlay feature that could form its own network and connect to any AirPlay enabled speakers, regardless of whether or not they’re even hooked up to a WiFi network… What a welcome change that would be to take your Air Play enhanced speakers with you wherever you go.

The possibility of widely used AirPlay would incorporate well with the anticipated change in dock connector size for the next iPhone. No physical connection eliminates a whole category of compatibility and allows Apple to go even further with the idea that their devices “just work.”

So does AirPlay Direct sound like something you’d like to see introduced along with the next iPhone? How have you gotten by without this kind of functionality in the meantime?

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Sago Mini Babies: A game for toddlers that teaches the value of caring for another

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