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The moment many of us have been waiting for is finally here. At today’s Keynote at WWDC, Apple unveiled iOS 7, and if you’ve been wondering when Apple was going to shake things up with its mobile operating system, you have your answer.

The unveiling brought what many of us have suspected to be a long time coming: less of a focus on skeuomorphic design (design elements that imitate a real life look and function), and a bent toward the oh-so-hot flat design. While not completely flat in design, iOS 7 does take the concept in an interesting direction, albeit one that might be polarizing to some, and welcomed by others.


On a fundamental level, iOS is virtually still the same. Users won’t have to relearn how to navigate or operate the new system, but they will enjoy what many have been referring to as a fresh coat of paint. Nearly all visual elements have been rethought, from the messaging app to Notification Center. You can even add animated wallpapers that bring your iPhone to life. One thing we can say about the new look is that it has a heavy reliance upon translucency, with a whole new color pallete thrown in for good measure. While still vibrant, colors have been given a more pastel treatment, but in a good way.

One thing users will notice is a function called a parallax feature. When tilting the phone either sideways or up and down, the background wallpaper and icon tiles will move in accordance with how you’re holding the phone. This gives you a neat little 3D peak that lets your “see behind” the icons on the home screen.


Notification Center has been given the slightly transparent treatment, removing the textured cloth for which it was so well known. You can also access Notification Center from the lock screen with no need to unlock the device. The Weather app now boasts dynamic effects that mimic the weather of whatever is on display, giving a visual representation of what it’s like outside. There are also new gestures that allow for you to go back simply by swiping from the left side of the screen with one finger, as well as expanded folders that allow for multiple pages and more apps.


We could go on and on about all the new design elements, but as we said earlier, virtually everything has been given a complete overhaul. In my opinion, it’s a slick and welcomed change, and one that I’m sure will have many people feeling refreshed and excited once again about an operating system that has gone virtually unchanged for 6 years.

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