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Apple Unveils iPhone 5 Without Major Surprises, Ships 9/21

September 12th has arrived and the iPhone 5 has, at long last, been unveiled. In case you didn’t get to keep tabs on a live blog while Tim Cook and his team did their thing on stage in San Francisco, we’re here to recap what’s new in the iPhone 5, as well as what’s still missing…

Long story short? High marks for the rumor mill this time around, as nearly every feature of the new handset leaked before the keynote, including the appearance of the phone right down to the two-tone back panel. Since you’ve almost certainly heard all of this before today, here’s the rest of the highlights of the iPhone 5 confirmed by Apple at today’s event:


  • Taller, 4-inch Retina Display
  • 7.6 mm thick
  • Ships with Apple’s new EarPod headphones
  • “Lightning” 9-pin dock connector


  • “Ultrafast” 4G LTE capable
  • A6 processor
  • 8-hours talk time, 10 hours browsing


  • Face detection
  • Panoramic photos
  • 1080p high-definition video recording
  • 720p front-facing camera

… And of course, all of that good stuff will be powered by iOS 6, so everything we know about that coming update applies to the iPhone 5. All of the hardware upgrades along with iOS 6 make this quite a substantial jump up from the iPhone 4S—even if the shock-and-awe factor is lessened by the fact that we pretty much expected everything that was unveiled.

So what are we missing? Well, NFC made waves in the weeks prior to the release of the iPhone 5, but it’s absence will probably be overlooked in coming days… We’ll all get a chance to preorder the long-awaited handset this Friday (September 14th), and it’ll launch just a few days later on September 19th. That’s not very long to wait, so get excited!

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