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What is AppSaga’s Apps Gone Free?


App Saga is dedicated to finding the best iOS app and game deals for our readers. If a popular, must-have paid app or game suddenly goes free temporarily, you will most likely see it here on the same day.

What are Limited Time Free App Deals?

App Developers regularly make their paid apps free temporarily to generate a boost in downloads. They hope to generate interest in the app, collect more app reviews, and perhaps increase sales after the free promotion is over. These promotions often only last for a few days. Some free app deals could even last for less than 24 hours. It is important to download these deals as soon as possible before the free deal is over. Once you download the app for free, you own that app for life.

Qualities we look for in an app

Unlike many of those other free app websites or apps that use computer generated lists or algorithms, we actually test each app we feature to make sure it does not contain annoying ads or In App Purchases that make the game unplayable without spending real money. These apps must be of high quality and offer useful, interesting, or fun experience to our readers.

All of the Best Free App Deals in one place

Unlike other websites that just feature one or two sponsored free apps a day, our human editors scour through the App Store using multiple sources to find only the best apps for our readers. We have no limit to the number of free app deals we feature per day. We just look for all of the top quality free apps for that day and share them with our readers. Once we find a free app deal that looks promising, we test the app to make sure it has qualities that make your download worthwhile.

Discover Great Paid Apps for Free

With over a million apps on the App Store and hundreds of paid apps going free daily in the App Store. It can be tough separating the high quality apps from those low quality, junk apps that plague the App Store. Trying to find quality apps yourself can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. But don’t worry, just visit App Saga and our Apps Gone Free page everyday to find your daily dose of high quality free paid apps. Save yourself precious time and tons of money getting those must-have apps and games you’ve always wanted.

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9 comments on “What is AppSaga’s Apps Gone Free?

  1. I have the iOS app but I searched for it in the App Store for my daughter and can’t find it. Is it listed under a different name?

  2. I have the appsgonefree app on my iPad 2 (where it is still working) but it didn’t transfer over to my new iPad Air. Now it doesn’t seem to be available online to download. What happened? This is a great app. Pls bring it back.

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