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Easier Address Entry for your Navigation apps with Bacon Bear’s secondary apps

The hassles of manually entering an address into even the most expensive navigation apps are a well-known obstacle. You’d think that spending $30-$50 for an app would provide you with adequate basic functions, but we’ve covered several of the major navigation apps, and they all work the same—with separate input screens for street, number, city, etc. What is this, 1990?

I wish I was here to tell you about one of the apps getting an update that would do away with the problem, but instead we’re hearing about a set of awkward middle-man apps being brought to us by developer Bacon Bear. They’re called Navigon Now Navigon Now ~ Easy Address Entry For Navigon GPS Apps - Bacon Bear Productions and TomTom Now, and what they do is work with your iOS device’s built-in copy/paste functionality to speed up the process of finding an address and getting directions from your favorite app. By copying an address and inputing the whole thing all at once into either of the above-mentioned apps, you can then launch the navigation system straightaway and be on your way, affectively avoiding those multiple input screens.

. . . I guess it’s possible to see the value of this, though it’s not an instant, must-have description. We’ll continue to wait for a more permanent fix to the apps themselves. In the meantime, you could probably save a handful of seconds here and there by downloading TomTom Now or Navigon Now from Bacon Bear, so it’s worth checking out.

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