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[ Gone Free ] aTimeLogger2: Analyze your Daily Activities to Help you Boost Productivity

Editor’s Pick: aTimeLogger 2 – Personal Time Tracker & Time Sheet


aTimeLogger 2 – Personal Time Tracker & Time Sheet
(4.5 stars with 539 Ratings)
Universal App
Free Offer Ended. This app was free on March 31, 2015, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


Do you know where all of your time went this past month? With aTimeloggger 2, you’ll know what you can do to become more productive.

aTimelogger 2 is a productivity app that lets you record the duration of your activities with a touch of a button. It then analyzes your data, letting you know how much time a day you spend watching TV or actually doing something productive. Simply tap an activity icon to start recording the duration of that activity. When you are done with that activity, just hit the stop button. aTimelogger 2 features a new plan option so the app will remind you when an activity should be coming to an end. Do you only plan to watch TV or play video games for an hour? Set up the planned duration to 1 hour so you won’t waste too much precious time. There are also snooze options for reminding you again if you decide to postpone ending your activity. You can also set up a goal duration for each activity such as working on a project for at least 2 hours a day.

After you have logged at least a day worth of data, see how much time you have spent on each activity on a pie chart. aTimelogger 2 is a great app for analyzing your daily activities, don’t miss it.

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  • abe

    hmmm, odd !! I -prefer version 1.0 which allows you to track multiple projects going at the same time, but version 2.0 eliminates that feature. So if you want to track tv time watched and time spent on the treadmill, you can’t on 2.0, cause the program forces the other timer to stop. (why??!!) Version 1.0 lets you do that. (unfortunately neither app allows you to PAUSE and restart any time, so you can quickly see how you are doing on your time goals that day).(a forward AND a reverse would be a nice touch too).
    still its an iphone only app so i wont use it anyhow I guess. certain types of apps, like this one should always be universal.
    Its clear to me, developers rarely field test their apps. these apps look GREAT on paper but just fall short when you fire them up.
    Anyhow can’t complain too much I saved a buck ! I’ll keep it wishing/hoping for a functionality update.

  • abe

    OK actually its just set up stupid. To get the screen shots shown in this review, 1. go to settings, 2. then advanced, 3. scroll past all the crap, 4. then check enable pause. (errr lol) So THEN … to USE the pause, you would “think” you can hit that button that looks like a pause but you can’t. 5. You gotta select that activity, 6. open up that page then hit the thing that says 7. “paused” (even though its not currently paused.) then hit save and 8. BACK to home page and you get the pause function.

    Oh you think that’s funny ? Let me quote the developer web site: “We did it intentionally to make application easier”
    OK ! Could you please make it HARDER for us then, and give it to us in a single button press instead of 9 steps?

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