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AT&T Not Happy with Matthew Spaccarelli, Threatening to Cut Off Service over Data Throttling Lawsuit

Matthew Spaccarelli: Hero to everyone who has been screwed by AT&T going back on their promise to honor grandfathered unlimited data plans and initiating throttling practices… But the California resident doesn’t appear to be free and clear of AT&T after he proved his point in court and went home with a nice chunk of money. Instead, AT&T is going out of their way to try and silence the guy, even if it means threatening to cut off his cellular service (gasp).

… There’s just so much wrong with AT&T’s approach to this matter. Firstly, they’re wrong in what they did (and continue to do). But from a public relations standpoint, they’re really setting themselves up to take a fall, as well. It appears that they underestimated Mr. Spaccarelli, not realizing that he really wasn’t suing them for the money, but to set a precedent and then encourage others to take action. To that end, he made public all the documents he used in the lawsuit, and has made sure that the press knows how AT&T is going about silencing him. They want to have a sit-down with Mr. Spaccarelli in hopes of settling the matter, but barring that possibility, they say they’ll cut off his service.

Okay, and then what? Mr. Spaccarelli will probably go to another carrier, but I see no reason why he’d be obligated to stop making AT&T look bad.

The only hiccup in his plan could be non-disclosure agreements surrounding legal settlements. Hopefully Mr. Spaccarelli knows what he’s doing, and isn’t going to face repercussions that will make others think twice before standing up to the giant that is AT&T.

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  • Anonymous

    Having been screwed by AT&T a few years ago when I took them up on their 2 week trial window I’ve never had anything good to day about them and this only adds to my hope that AT&T gets a big old black eye over this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that any of the cellular carriers are great but AT&T is particularly bad.

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