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AT&T or Verizon, Can’t decide? Verizon iPhone 5 SIM slot comes unlocked and ready to hop carriers

If the iPhone 5 is your first Apple phone, chances are you’re still in the honeymoon period and couldn’t care less about the details of the SIM slot on the side of your new device… Be that as it may, we’ve got good news for Verizon customers out there, as it appears the SIM slot on your iPhone 5 comes unlocked and ready to receive an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card.

In the past, the difference between CDMA and GSM iPhones meant that your device was restricted to one of the networks. But the Verizon iPhone 5 is now perfect for those who need to be able to pop in any nano SIM to get service in their current location (most valuable for travelers). While this will be an added convenience for many, it also marks the first time that Apple has made it this easy… Early tests have not determined if AT&T’s LTE network is accessibility with a Verizon handset.

We can only compare the Verizon iPhone 5 to the Sprint iPhone 4S that was temporarily made available before getting locked down. It’s unclear whether the unlocked Verizon iPhone is here to stay or an opportunity to be nabbed, but Verizon has confirmed the GSM is unlocked and ready to go if you just can’t bear the thought of committing to one network for the duration of your contract.

Will this cause a change of heart for many users, or is one network enough?

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  • timothyhood

    Not a big deal for Verizon. If you don’t maintain 2 years’ service with them, you’ll still have to pay the early termination fee.

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Sago Mini Babies: A game for toddlers that teaches the value of caring for another

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