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The Cave Review: Quirky Puzzler Impresses Despite Iffy Controls


A spooky, talking Cave; an ecclectic collection of characters; and a non-linear puzzle quest. These are the elements that make up The Cave, a quirky adventure game that recently hit the App Store. The Cave is a fun game that is marred by some spotty controls. The Cave begins with seven characters around a campfire….(Read the full article)

Shadowrun Returns for iPad Review: Fan Service RPG Gets A Lot Right


As an old-school pencil-and-paper RPGer, I was excited to hear about the release of Shadowrun Returns. This project, funded last year via Kickstarter, is an attempt to bring a great concept to a new audience and a new medium. And the good news is that Shadowrun Returns gets a lot right. Shadowrun is a classic…(Read the full article)

Marvel War of Heroes Review: CCG By The Book

This is the third in what was going to be an open-ended installment of reviews of iOS CCGs. This week’s entry is one I was looking forward to: Marvel War of Heroes. I love Marvel comics and I have been known in the past to get drawn into even IAP-laden freemium games based on the…(Read the full article)

Star Wars Force Collections: The Force is Weak With This One

Last week I dove headlong into the mobile CCG pool with one of its popular mainstays, Rage of Bahamut. This week, I decided to take a look at one of the newer releases in the genre, one with a big franchise name attached: Star Wars Force Collections. Could the power and nostalgia of Star Wars…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Star Wars II Review: Angry Birds Jumps the Shark


It was only a matter of time before Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise ran out of steam.  As it turns out, the Angry Birds franchise jumped the shark at the same point the Star Wars franchise did: with the Prequel Trilogy. Angry Birds Star Wars II is a crass marketing move that smothers core gameplay in…(Read the full article)

Kid Tripp Review: Retro Runner Nails the Retro


The endless runner genre is one of the staples of the App Store. Kid Tripp, a game by Michael Burns, is the latest in that crowded genre. Kid Tripp tries to distinguish itself by evoking the style and feel of classic 2D side-scrolling platform games. It’s very successful in the latter, though the game itself…(Read the full article)

Terraria for iOS Review: Open World Goodness


There’s been much written about Terraria as a game, as the iOS port comes many months after the game debuted on other platforms. Now that it’s on iOS, I’m finally getting my first taste of this awesome little game. It’s a great open-world game that, despite some of its derivative elements, still manages to deliver…(Read the full article)

Rage of Bahamut — A Model of iOS Collectible Card Games

In all my time with MMOs and RPGs, there’s one related genre I’ve more or less neglected to really look into: CCGs. Mobile CCGs are not really my kind of game; they seem to be more about money than strategy. But a lot of people love them, and given that the MMORPG landscape has been…(Read the full article)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Review: The Sequel Improves in Every Area Except One


Plants vs. Zombies is one of my favorite games on my iPhone. It lasted a long time before I finally wiped it from my device to make room for newer games (as a reviewer, I have to do that a LOT). As such, I was both excited and fearful about the prospects of a sequel. On…(Read the full article)

The State of iOS MMORPGs, September 2013: A Few Standouts in a Lackluster Field

I’m worried for MMORPGs on iOS. What seemed like such a viable genre only a couple of years ago has stagnated of late. The successful games have settled into their core audiences, with new content being, for the most part, several months behind us. Meanwhile, new releases all seem to be generic titles enslaved to…(Read the full article)

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