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Bear Mounts, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gameplay, & More Coming to Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Universe

Last week was a big week for Order and Chaos Online, Gameloft’s big MMORPG, with two big announcements about upcoming releases: the long-awaited PvP Update and the thinly detailed spin-off game Heroes of Order and Chaos. This week, Gameloft kept the goods coming, revealing more about these releases and ratcheting up the anticipation.

In last week’s announcement, Gameloft promised that the PvP Update was going to be the biggest and most game-altering ever, and this week they elaborated on exactly how. It began with this video trailer, released on Thursday.

Besides giving us our first video visuals for the game, this trailer told us that there would be bear mounts! Oh, yes, I’m all over bear mounts.

The video was followed up by a moderated discussion thread over at the official Gameloft forums. Besides being an open-ended Q&A, the thread began by revealing even more details about the new update. The big reveal is the addition of a brand new player stat: Resilience. It’s a PvP-focused stat that helps players resist damage dealt by other players in PvP. Not surprisingly, there’s also a new set of gear for each class that will maximize Resilience stats (but trading off some raw power or other stat boosts).

In addition, PvP will also introduce a new currency: Arena Points. No clear word yet on what they will be good for, but it’s a fair bet that there will probably be something (Vanity gear? Epic mounts?) only purchasable with them. Such items will become a status symbol — proof of your ability to own face in PvP.

Gameloft also confirmed that the new dungeon isn’t really a new dungeon, but a second part of the already difficult Sailen Lower City dungeon. Presumably, it will be a dungeon only accessible after defeating the current dungeon final boss, Kha-Anata, much in the same way that defeating Ariel in Knahswahs Prison opens the door to Cosmo. It’s also a fair bet that the new PvP gear will be found in the dungeon’s depths.

Happily for all players, Gameloft also confirmed that mounts will be widely available in a variety of ways. Players will gain access to mounts at level 20, and will be able to purchase mounts from vendors. Different, probably cooler, mounts will also be available from Ubiquitous Nick, the game’s vendor of runestone items. So, yeah, that mean real money for at least some mounts.

Gameloft also confirmed what many people suspected about the spin-off game Heroes of Order and Chaos: That it would be a MOBA (Multiplayer Onine Battle Arena) game similar to the popular League of Legends. The reveal was made over at Pocket Gamer, who scored some screenshots and a hands on with the new title.

For those not able to make it to Gamercon, the German games fair where Heroes was being previewed, Gameloft was also putting out character art on their Twitter feed all week, and eventually gathered them into a blog post.

August has been an incredible month for news about the future of Order and Chaos Online. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing both the PvP Update and the Heroes spin-off before the end of the month.

For more discussion of Order & Chaos Online, check out the Massively Portable podcast.  


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