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Beats Music Lands in the App Store with 7-Day Free Trial. Will it change how we stream?


Even considering the wild success they’ve had with Beats By Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre had to know they’d face an uphill battle in trying to break onto the streaming music scene. The space is populated with some very heavy-hitters—including the likes of Spotify, iTunes Radio, Pandora, and more… Still, the company just launched Beats Music, a “new kind of streaming service” that wants to catch your interest due to its unique leveraging of music experts and technology.

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Here’s the thing: To my ears, the claim being made by Beats Music just doesn’t sound that different from what Spotify and iTunes Radio have been spewing… Don’t all these services say they do the best job of curating music based on your personal tastes and interests? Beats Music is said to be capable of matching your music to how you’re feeling and even who you’re with. In addition, they’ve got 20 million songs to pull from, with offline listening being an option.

The $9.99 monthly service (following a 7-day free trial), appears to hinge around the idea that “All you have to do is hit play.” From there, they aim to deliver an unparalleled content discovery experience that will free you up to do other things and keep you coming back for more… It’s tough to imagine existing services being bested enough to win Beats Music a huge following, but the brand’s loyal users are sure to give the free trial a go—and from there, the service should live or die based on its merits.

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  • Kostia Ireland

    nothing special, iTunes radio is enough for me

  • Tim

    Spotify is by far the best streaming service, paid or free, as you can listen to whatever song you want, unlike Itunes radio and Pandora and now this. Other streaming services like Rdio may allow you to do that, but all the ones I’ve tried are far more intrusive.

  • MubashirAmin


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