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Duet Game: An award winning game of codependence, precision, timing, and patience

Gone Free! Duet Game

Mass Effect Infiltrator:  EA’s Gorgeous Third Person Shooter on the iOS. Free Via IGN

Free via IGN: MASS EFFECT Infiltrator

Paper by FiftyThree : The best iPad drawing and sketching app just got better with all free tools. No More IAPs

No More IAPs! Paper by 53


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The Cave Review: Quirky Puzzler Impresses Despite Iffy Controls


A spooky, talking Cave; an ecclectic collection of characters; and a non-linear puzzle quest. These are the elements that make up The Cave, a quirky adventure game that recently hit the App Store. The Cave is a fun game that is marred by some spotty controls. The Cave begins with seven characters around a campfire….(Read the full article)

Infinity Blade III Review: A Superb Ending to A Landmark Trilogy for iOS


Before we ever encountered the God King or got a taste of Infinity Blade’s swipe-based combat system, Chair Entertainment teased what would unfold over the next few years with a little demonstration app called Epic Citadel. Many of you will remember being stunned by the visuals as you explored the city’s eerily-empty streets and walked…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Star Wars II Review: Angry Birds Jumps the Shark


It was only a matter of time before Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise ran out of steam.  As it turns out, the Angry Birds franchise jumped the shark at the same point the Star Wars franchise did: with the Prequel Trilogy. Angry Birds Star Wars II is a crass marketing move that smothers core gameplay in…(Read the full article)

Terraria for iOS Review: Open World Goodness


There’s been much written about Terraria as a game, as the iOS port comes many months after the game debuted on other platforms. Now that it’s on iOS, I’m finally getting my first taste of this awesome little game. It’s a great open-world game that, despite some of its derivative elements, still manages to deliver…(Read the full article)

Watch Video: Infinity Blade 3 Shows the Power of the A7 Processor coming in the iPhone 5S

Well, we might never get to play Infinity Blade Dungeons, but the series isn’t over just yet… In one of the highlights of today’s keynote presentation, Donald Mustard of Epic Games took to the stage and unveiled the upcoming Infinity Blade 3. The game is set to launch on September 18th (same day as iOS 7),…(Read the full article)

Pixel Gun 3D Review: Can We Just Stop With the Minecraft Clones, Please?


The “Minecraft imitator” genre is a growing one in the App Store. It seems like any game genre can be spruced up and made more appealing if it’s skinned with pixelated blocks. The latest clone is Pixel Gun 3D, a game that aims to deliver a Minecraft inspired FPS with multiplayer support. It has been…(Read the full article)

Asphalt 8: Airborne Review: Gameloft’s Arcade Racer takes a Huge Leap Forward in this Wildly Enjoyable 8th Installment


The fact that Gameloft’s Asphalt franchise is on its eighth go-round should tell us a few things: first, it’s successful enough to still warrant new installments, and second, the developers had better be thinking about ways to add spice to the arcade racing formula that has gotten them this far. I’ll join other reviewers by…(Read the full article)

Riptide GP2 Review: Futuristic Hydro Jet Racing… It’s as Awesome as it Sounds!


Assuming I’m not the only iOS gamer with absurdly fond memories of 1996’s Wave Race 64, the core concept of Riptide GP2 should strike a chord with many of you… There’s something inherently appealing about lurching across untamed waters on overpowered, lightweight vehicles–isn’t there? Riptide GP2 is a follow up to what was–for a long…(Read the full article)

Mikey Hooks Review: Entertaining Platformer Swings Ahead


The retro side-scrolling action game has found quite a niche in the App Store. Titles in the App Store like League of Evil, Hook Champ, or Gravity Guy have found large audiences. Now, a new game is seeking to win the hearts of players: Mikey Hooks, a game that plays right into that niche. In…(Read the full article)

Ultima Forever for iOS Review: Venerable RPG Tarnished By IAPs

Invalid data returned from the iTunes Web Service. This app may have been removed from the App Store, or there is currently technical difficulty with iTunes.

When Electronic Arts announced that they were bringing the venerable Ultima franchise to mobile, many fans cheered. Then they told us that it was going to be a freemium game, and those cheers turned to groans. Could EA, who have become pretty big in the freemium space, pull off a playable Ultma game without falling…(Read the full article)

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