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Things:  This Popular Task Manager Goes Free As App Store’s App of the Week!

Gone Free! Things!

The Wolf Among US ep 1: A Fine Animated Comic Book Adventure Game that Plays Like an Interactive Movie

Gone Free! The Wolf Among Us ep1

Paper Titans:  Beautifully Crafted Puzzle Adventure Game that allows you to print your own Game Characters

Gone Free! Paper Titans!


Daily Updates

[ Gone Free ] Equalizer Pro: Take your music to another level with high quality sound edits


Equalizer PRO – volume booster, great sound effects and visualizer for music fans
(3.5 stars with 105 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


We all listen to music on our iPhones and iPads, and most of us probably wish we could get a little better sound quality, or at least a more capable way of playing around with it. Equalizer Pro might be the app you’re looking for then.

Equalizer Pro allows the user to tweak the sound quality of whatever they’re listening in a variety of ways. Are you all about that bass and want to take it up another level? Play around with the Bass…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Wonder Polls: Answer and create some of your very own polls


Wonder Polls: Question Everything!
(4.5 stars with 218 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


While getting questioned is probably not something you wake up in the morning hoping to have happen to you, there are instances in which a good question can get you to think or laugh. That’s where Wonder Polls might be of service, and here’s how.

Wonder Polls is an app filled with questions and polls that you allow yourself to answer and enjoy. Consider it a social game of looking through thousands of questions, some ranging in the serious, others…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Cows vs Aliens: Are You Better Than Aliens at Capturing Cows?

Cows vs Aliens
(4.5 stars with 2620 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Aliens are coming, and you must get your cows back to the barn for safety.

Cows vs Aliens has an interesting gameplay. You are to push your cows back as if you are holding a force field while the UFOs try to snatch’em up from…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Musyc: Create music in a non-traditional way with shapes and physics

Musyc Pro
(4 stars with 21 Ratings)
Universal App
$3.99 Free for a limited time


Music is an auditory experience that nearly every human on Earth loves. However, perhaps you want a more visual experience with the music that you create. That’s where an app like Musyc comes into play.

Musyc Pro allows you to create music, but not with the use of a musical instrument like a piano, keyboard, or other traditional instruments. No, instead…(Read More)

[ Free Offer Expired ] Photocut: Layer and superimpose together multiple images to create a new one


PhotoCut – Superimpose Images and Background Eraser
(4 stars with 61 Ratings)
Universal App
Free Offer Ended. This app was free on November 19, 2014, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


Have you ever had something or someone in one photo that you wanted to remove and place in a different position or different photo altogether? Thankfully, there are photo apps like Photocut to help you do just that.

Photocut works by allowing you to select a portion of an image— be it a person, object, or section— and then superimpose multiple images together to create …(Read More)

[ Free via Apple Store app ] The Whole Pantry: A full-fledged healthy recipe application with gorgeous photos and wellness guides


The Whole Pantry (4 stars with 178 Ratings)
iPhone App

$2.99 Get Free Promocodes via Apple Store App


***Please carefully read the instructions for finding the redeemable codes for The Whole Pantry. They are well hidden within the Apple Store app. ***

We’ve featured recipe apps here countless times in the past, and some of them have been good, while others a bit less than stellar. Today’s Universal recipe app, The Whole Pantry, fits into the former category, I believe, and here’s why.

The Whole Pantry isn’t just a recipe app, as it’s also a lifestyle and wellness guide. It doesn’t moralize on the type of…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] ColorSay: Discover the world of color around you with voice identification


ColorSay – Hear the world in color!
(5 stars with 10 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


One of the great things about iOS devices is how they are attuned for users with disabilities or assistance needs. Whether or not you fit that bill, today’s app is a great way to understand the colors of the world around you.

The idea behind ColorSay is that it gives anyone the ability to scan the world around them and identify the colors in it. It works by using…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Draw with Curious George: Have your child learn the basics of drawing with the adventurous monkey we all know

Draw with Curious George (4.5 stars with 40 Ratings)
iPad App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Curious George has been a lovable character that generations have enjoyed, and today’s app brings the character to new light for those young artists in us all. It’s called Draw with Curious George.

Draw with Curious George takes the game’s eponymous character and you the user on a journey of artistic discovery. Geared towards young children, the premise is…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Bubble Browser for Evernote: Unique Way to Explore Your Evernote Content

Bubble Browser for Evernote (4.5 stars with 22 Ratings)
iPad App
$4.99 Free for a limited time


Bubble Browser for Evernote is a unique way to explore your Evernote content. While you cannot actually take notes within this iPad app, you can view your past notes organized by categories. Categories such as date, notebook, and tags are represented in the app with colored bubbles.

As you launch the app, the bubbles floats on the screen, giving it a nice visual effect. When you tap a bubble, all the notes that belong to…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Dragon Fruit: Bounce the Fruits into the Dragon’s Mouth


Dragon Fruit
(4 stars with 26 Ratings)
iPhone App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


The Dragon loves fruits, and it is up to you to deliver those tasty fruits into its mouth.

As a dragon breeder, you are basically a servant to the Dragon and make sure it gets fed. You’ll need to hold a plate and bounce all the fruits into the dragon’s mouth. If too…(Read More)

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