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Quest: Get your task and todo lists completed in the form of a fun game

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty HD is a fantasy game of rescue, mystery, and hidden secrets

Gone Free! Living Legends: Frozen Beauty & More

Rules: A color-themed puzzle game with endearing characters and plenty of fun


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[ Gone Free ] Axl & Tuna: Beautiful and Smooth Endless Runner

Axl & Tuna
(4.5 stars with 109 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Endless running games are a popular genre on the App Store. Today’s Axl & Tuna adds style and beautiful animation to make this endless runner game even more fun to play.

In Axl and Tuna, you play a robot on a roller coaster track, chasing lost Fuzzbots in the Fuzzbots factory. Along the way you can perform tricks like backflips, forward flips, free falls, and…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Stackables: A unique and comprehensive photo effects and editing tool that allows for infinite layering


Stackables for iPad – Layered Textures, Effects, and Masks
(4.5 stars with 115 User Ratings)
iPad App
$1.99 Free for a limited time

Stackables – Layered Textures, Effects, and Masks
(4.5 stars with 197 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


Taking photos with your iPhone and iPad gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful on the go, but what do you do to enhance that photo? Well, there are countless effects apps out there, but not all worthy of a download. However, we want to draw your attention to Stackables, an app we think might be worthy.

Stackables is an advanced and comprehensive effects layering app that allows you to enhance your photos in a matter of moments. The effects you can choose from include grunge textures, light leaks, bokeh…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Stealth Inc.: Hide in the shadows and avoid detection in this platformer based on secrecy

Editor’s Pick: Stealth Inc.

Stealth Inc.
(3.5 stars with 200 Ratings)
Universal App
$4.99Free for a limited time


Like most people, I enjoy a playful take on platform gaming, and today’s app certainly delivers. We want to feature to you Stealth Inc. for a number of reasons, the most of which is that it’s a fantastic spin on the genre.

Stealth Inc. has you play a character with an uncanny way of getting around undetected. There are 80 levels of action that you’ll have to traverse through, each one presenting its own set of interesting and challenging obstacles, hazards, enemies, puzzles, and more. The levels all take place within a facility that seems to aim…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Ready Steady Play: The sequel to the popular Ready Steady Bang

Ready Steady Play
(5 stars with 129 Ratings)
Universal App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


If you’ve ever played Ready Steady Bang, then you know the popular and addicting game was worth the download for anyone who’s a fan of casual gaming. On top of that, you’re probably going to want to check out the sequel, Ready Steady Play.

In Ready Steady Play, you play the role of digital cowboy presented in retro pixelated graphics . The game is part shooter and part platformer, and with a minimal…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Quest: Get your task and todo lists completed in the form of a fun game


QUEST : Level up your life
(4.5 stars with 19 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


Getting through your todo and tasks list is rarely a fun experience. However, it’s time for that to change. If you’re looking for a new way to manage those tasks of yours, and have a little fun in the process, then Quest might be the app you need.

Quest is a simple and straightforward task manager, but with a twist. That twist is that it makes completing your tasks akin to playing a game, and keeps you on your toes while you seek to complete everything on your list. You’ll receive an 8-bit character that…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Jelly Lab Reloaded: A whack-a-mole type game with seriously silly and weird characters to battle against


Jelly Lab Reloaded
( stars with Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


We have one more game for you to check out today, and this one is quite possibly one of the more unique ones we’ve featured in a long time. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, because certainly we like our games weird and unique like Jelly Lab Reloaded.

The idea behind Jelly Lad Reloaded is fairly simple: your whole objective is to smack a bunch of onscreen characters known as jellies as quickly as possible, lest they create utter chaos due to their uncontrollable ways. If you think of…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] MolaSync: A Powerful Note App with Collaborative Note Taking and Cloud Storage Capabilities


MolaSync – Collaborative cloud notes! Sound recording, Sharp Drawing, Typing, Chatting and collaboration
(4 stars with 32 Ratings)
Universal App
$5.99 Free for a limited time


Doing all kinds of collaborative work can be a fun, yet tedious process. Today’s iPad app is a powerful note app that will also help you collaborate with your fellow coworkers, and share ideas with one another on specific projects.

With MolaSync, you get a full-featured collaboration and note-taking app that comes with special communication tools. You can draw…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Fleksy: A keyboard that lets you customize color and theme, as well as add on extensions for things like GIFs, hotkeys, and more


Fleksy + GiF Keyboard
(3.5 stars with 2157 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


With the introduction of custom keyboards in iOS 8, there has been a veritable wild wild west feel to the developer world as many scramble to offer up different choices. Most of them are silly, while a few tend to be quite nice and helpful. And then there’s Fleksy, which sort of combines all the aforementioned elements, to great effect.

Fleksy allows you to have a different kind of keyboard in that it’s fast, intuitive, and you can quickly find and send GIFs to your friends. The keyboard can be customized to a specific color and theme that’s…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Pursuit of Light: A platform game set in a gorgeous dreamworld


Pursuit of Light
(4.5 stars with 488 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Sometimes we like our games simple and straightforward, skirting gorgeous design and graphics in the process. But who says you can’t have all those things in one? Pursuit of Light certainly might be able to offer just that.

The idea behind Pursuit of Light is that you are stuck in a dream world of a little girl. This adventure game challenges you to get out by finding the light in the darkness, and you do so by helping get your character through a…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Codequest: A fun, engaging kids game that covers some basic coding and programming principles


CodeQuest – Learn how to Code on a Magical Quest with Games
(3.5 stars with 28 Ratings)
Universal App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


With the way our world and society is developing, knowing how to code is becoming one of the must-have skills. If you’re looking for a way to help your kids learn code, or even a place to start yourself when you have zero coding experience, then Codequest might be a great game to start.

Codequest will teach you and your kids the very basics of coding and programming, all the through the lenses of some fun and endearing cartoon characters that are on a mission to become the Coding Ninja. There are tons…(Read More)

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