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Bio Inc: Join the Dark Side and “Treat” a virtual body for a litany of biomedical conditions

Gone Free! Bio Inc.

Camera+: Get the premier iPhone camera app Free via the App Store app

Free Via Apple Store App! Camera+ !

Sugar Roll:  Cute, Colorful Platformer for all ages

Gone Free! Sugar Roll!


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[ Gone Free ] Grandma’s Tips: 1200 Everyday Tricks to Use around the House


Grandma’s Tips
(5 stars with 57 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Granny can sure get some stuff done around the house.

Grab the Grandma’s Tips app to help you clean that tough stains on your cloths or on the sofa. Get those beauty recipes for a better skin, beautiful…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Geomaster: Test your geography skills with this educational puzzle app

Geomaster Plus
(4 stars with 1088 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


Today’s app for the iPhone is called Geomaster, and it’s a fun-filled geography game that will challenge your location based skills.

With today’s world becoming seemingly smaller due the convenience of internet and air transportation, knowing where all the countries are located in the world is an important knowledge to the…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Camera+: Get the premier iPhone camera app Free via the App Store app


Camera+ (4 stars with 30394 Ratings)
iPhone App

$1.99 Get Free Promocodes via Apple Store App


***Please carefully read the instructions for finding the redeemable codes for Camera+. They are well hidden within the Apple Store app. ***

If you’ve been shooting photos on your iPhone for a long time now, you’ve no doubt heard of Camera+, as it’s one of the most popular camera editing apps in the App Store. You can now get it for free via redeemable link in…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Splashtop Camcam: Access your Computer’s Webcam from your iPhone or iPad

Splashtop CamCam
(4 stars with 723 Ratings)
Universal App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


If you’re going to be away from home or loved ones for a period of time, it’s always nice to know that you can at least communicate and keep an eye on them while you’re gone, right? Splashtop CamCam is the kind of app that helps you do just that.

The way Splashtop CamCam works is that it gives you remote access to check on people, places, and things with live video streaming from your…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Samurai Santaro: Play as a samurai on horseback in this beautiful platformer

Editor’s Pick: SAMURAI SANTARO – Dark Onmyoji

(4.5 stars with 288 Ratings)
Universal App
$4.99Free for a limited time


The samurai have been known for eons to be some of the bravest and fiercest warriors. Now, obviously most of us will never get close to sniffing that sort of battle-worn glory, but you can get some taste of it in today’s game, Samurai Santaro.

Samurai Santaro follows a young samurai named Nasu Santaro who has already made a name for himself as a child prodigy. He’s on a…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Football Run: Keep your soccer ball on the path while avoiding obstacles in this challenging casual game


Football Run!
(3.5 stars with 7 Ratings)
Universal App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


The World Cup has come and gone, and if you’re someone who still has a bit of soccer/futbol fever, don’t worry, because we have something to help satiate your appetite. It’s called Football Run.

Football Run is a dead simple game that provides a not-so-dead-simple challenge. On the screen you will see a green pathway that you must guide your football forward with…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Hoopa City: Mix and Match a Variety of Elements to Build Your Bustling City

Editor’s Pick: Hoopa City

Hoopa City
(4.5 stars with 141 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99Free for a limited time


The Developer of Dr Panda kid series is bringing a fun city building game to the App Store with mix and match puzzle gameplay that should appeal to both kids and adults.

In Hoppa City, your goal is to build a huge city on a small planet by mixing and matching a variety of building elements. For example, a single tap on the brick element creates a…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] RGB Express: Plan Your Routes and Deliver the Right Colors to the Right Houses

RGB Express – Mini Truck Puzzle
(4.5 stars with 2828 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


Released just last month, RGB Express is a puzzle game that has you planning delivery routes so all the color packages can make it to their destinations.

You will need to draw a path for your delivery trucks from their starting points to their destinations, picking up goods along the…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Sugar Roll: Cute, Colorful Platformer for all ages

Editor’s Pick: Sugar Roll

Sugar Roll
(4 stars with 20 Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99Free for a limited time


We have a cute platform game today that offers plenty of fun.

In Sugar Roll, you play a boy with ability to walk on colorful circus balls. You must escape from Sugar Island while avoid being captured by monkeys, hedgehogs, tigers, and…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] OneKey Pro: Keep all your usernames, passwords, credit card info, and more in one secure spot


1Key Pro – Secure Password Manager
(4.5 stars with 679 Ratings)
Universal App
$4.99 Free for a limited time


Remembering all of your usernames and passwords for your litany of online personas can be a difficult and cumbersome task. Today’s Universal app is a password manager with robust features, and it’s called OneKey Pro.

OneKey Pro offers you an intuitive interface that’s pretty easy to use, no matter what your level of technology understanding. It’s a safe place to lock in your…(Read More)

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