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Angry Birds Space:  Experience the Classic Physics Game in Space!

Gone Free! Angry Birds Space

[New Game] Super Mario Run: Mario comes to iOS in the most interesting way

New! Super Mario Run!

Design Sponge: Design inspiration and how-to’s from one of the most popular DIY blogs out there

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The Best Free iPad Apps for College Freshmen

The Best Free iPad Apps for College Freshmen

Each year, the end of August marks the start of fall semester at colleges and universities across the world. As a college teacher myself, I see a lot of students nowadays toting iPads and iPad Minis around campus. Sadly, many of them seem to lack even the basic app tools they need to get the…(Read the full article)

The Cave Review: Quirky Puzzler Impresses Despite Iffy Controls


A spooky, talking Cave; an ecclectic collection of characters; and a non-linear puzzle quest. These are the elements that make up The Cave, a quirky adventure game that recently hit the App Store. The Cave is a fun game that is marred by some spotty controls. The Cave begins with seven characters around a campfire….(Read the full article)

Hot New Games in the App Store! Batman: Arkham Origins, Device 6, D&D: Arena of War, and More

Hot New Games in the App Store! Batman: Arkham Origins, Device 6, D&D: Arena of War, and More

Perhaps you thought you’d wait to buy any more games from the App Store until getting your hands on one of Apple’s as-yet-unnanounced next-gen iPads. We think we can change your mind. The games presented below are what stand out amongst this week’s batch that landed in the App Store. Read on for trailers and details. Batman: Arkham…(Read the full article)

Hot New Games in the App Store! Type:Rider, Rakoo’s Adventure, Escape from Doom, and More

If the talk is true, we’re a mere 12 days from being introduced to Apple’s new iPad lineup. Should you be looking for something to do in the meantime, let us propose our usual solution–Download some new iOS games! There is plenty on offer this week, and below you’ll find our picks. Type:Rider Type:Rider (4…(Read the full article)

Infinity Blade III Review: A Superb Ending to A Landmark Trilogy for iOS


Before we ever encountered the God King or got a taste of Infinity Blade’s swipe-based combat system, Chair Entertainment teased what would unfold over the next few years with a little demonstration app called Epic Citadel. Many of you will remember being stunned by the visuals as you explored the city’s eerily-empty streets and walked…(Read the full article)

Apple’s iPad Event Rumored to be Held on October 22nd, See what will be Unveiled

If you’ve been longing for the sort of hype that proceeded Apple’s recent iPhone 5c/5s unveiling, then this will be good news. With the new iPhones still a hot commodity in retail stores across the country, Apple is apparently gearing up to hit us with a refresh to their iPad lineup. As was the case…(Read the full article)

Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest I-VIII Headed to iOS Platform

Never known as a developer that lets too much time pass in between big announcements, Square Enix has just delighted long-time fans of the RPG series Dragon Quest with news of the game’s coming arrival on the iOS platform. While EIGHT Dragon Quest installments are currently slated for a winter release in Japan only, Square…(Read the full article)

National Geographic Photographer Used an iPhone 5s to Photograph Scottish Highlands, and the Results are Impressive

If you’ve been impressed with the quality of pictures taken on your iPhone 5s, it turns out you’re in good company. National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson opted to use Apple’s new handset as his camera of choice during a recent trip through the scenic Scottish Highlands, and it proved more than capable as a replacement…(Read the full article)

Shadowrun Returns for iPad Review: Fan Service RPG Gets A Lot Right

Invalid data returned from the iTunes Web Service. This app may have been removed from the App Store, or there is currently technical difficulty with iTunes.

As an old-school pencil-and-paper RPGer, I was excited to hear about the release of Shadowrun Returns. This project, funded last year via Kickstarter, is an attempt to bring a great concept to a new audience and a new medium. And the good news is that Shadowrun Returns gets a lot right. Shadowrun is a classic…(Read the full article)

Hot New Games in the App Store! Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, Transport Tycoon, NBA 2K14, and More

We avoid talking politics around these parts, so let me just say this: you know what’s NOT shut down this week? The App Store. In fact, there’s a whole horde of new games available for download, and we think these are the ones you should know about. Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Marvel Puzzle Quest…(Read the full article)

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