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KingHunt: The Next Generation of Slicing Games with Stunning Muffin and Cupcake Characters

Gone Free! KingHunt!

Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution

Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!


Free iOS Apps

Looking for quality iPhone and iPad apps to make your life easier? We have the best free iOS apps right here. But act fast. Most apps listed here are only free for a limited time. Grab them while they are still free today!

[ Gone Free ] AcePlayer: Ultimate Media Player?

Editor’s Pick: AcePlayer -Powerful Media Player

AcePlayer -Powerful Media Player (3.5 stars with 790 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


Do you need a media player capable of playing almost any video or audio files on your iPad and iPhone? If so, give AcePlayer a try.

AcePlayer is full of features. It not only lets you view almost any media files on your device, it also lets you watch and download streaming content directly within the app. We use it all the time when watching movie from our home media servers. You can easily transfer media files to…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Bibo, the little monster: A Colorful Interactive Storybook about a monster seeking friendship


Bibo, the little monster (5 stars with 6 Ratings)
iPad App
$4.99 Free for a limited time


Today’s kids are very lucky with an abundance of high quality interactive storybooks in the App Store. Today’s Bibo, the little monster, is a good example of a great storybook app.

In Bibo, the little monster, you follow the adventure of Bibo as he hatches from an egg. Feeling lonely, he travels around the world looking for friends. But somehow, everyone is too busy with their own thing to befriend the little monster. This interactive storybook features…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] CIA: Operation Ajax is a Popular Interactive Comic based on True Events

CIA : Operation Ajax the Interactive Graphic Novel for iPad (5 stars with 383 User Ratings)
iPad App
$0.99 Free for a limited time

CIA : Operation Ajax the Interactive Graphic Novel for iPhone (5 stars with 37 Ratings)
iPhone App


One thing that makes iOS devices so neat is their ability to take a simple comic story and turn it into a dynamic, mind blowing experience, and that’s exactly the case with today’s iPhone and iPad app, CIA: Operation Ajax.

CIA: Operation Ajax is an interactive comic book based on true events, and collaboratively written with bestselling author Stephen Kinzer. You’ll experience the true to life British plot to stage a coup to take over the Iranian government, complete with historical texts and…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Dr. Panda’s Airport: A management game for kids that gives them control of their own airport

Dr. Panda’s Airport (4.5 stars with 100 Ratings)
Universal App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


We’ve shared with you plenty games and apps for you to use this weekend, but what about the kids? Don’t worry, Dr. Panda’s Airport is what you’re looking for.

Dr. Panda’s Airport gives the player a chance to enjoy up to ten airport-themed activities for the opportunity to take part in every part of the airport running process. You’ll get to check out passports at customs, check luggage and baggage, control the planes and their…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Password Only: Securely store your various accounts and information data in one location for easy access


Password Only – Security Password Manager (3.5 stars with 24 Ratings)
iPhone App
$9.99 Free


We have data strewn about all areas of our lives, be it credit cards, online banking, social media accounts, etc. Keeping tabs on all the various passwords can be a tedious and overwhelming task, and that’s where Password Only comes into play.

Password Only is a password management tool that will securely house your passwords and digital properly in one app. You can securely store your credit card info, bank account info, social media login information, and so…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] MocaDeco: A design tool to help create images and photos that stand out


MocaDeco – Visual Creator (4.5 stars with 127 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


Creating something on your iPhone is rather simple and easy to do now with all the tools you have out there in the App Store. Here’s another one in MocaDeco, which is great for photos.

MocaDeco gives you the ability to create ideas and pieces that have design elements to them that make them stand out. You can choose from an assortment of design elements that help create a unique visual style that will catch the eye of…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Zoomin: An Email Client for Outlook to help your with Email Overload at Work


Zoomin™ for Outlook, Exchange 2007 & 2010 – Focus on the important emails (4 stars with 7 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


Do you use Outlook for business emails?

Zoomin is an email client for Outlook, Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 that helps its users with email overload. Zoomin offers advanced email summarization so users can get the summary of an email at a glance. It suggests stacks and topics grouped in categories and…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Morotobi’s Adventure 1 & 2: An interactive storybook series with a curious and adventurous main character


Morotobi’s adventure 1 (4.5 stars with 32 User Ratings)
iPad App
$0.99 Free for a limited time

Morotobi’s adventure for iPhone (4.5 stars with 12 Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Morotobi’s Adventure 2 HD ( stars with Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time

We have a great interactive storybook series for the kids today.

Follow along with Morotobi’s, a Bart Simpson-like character full of imagination. You’ll be transported to world of imagination and creativity, with all sorts of interactive elements within the story. There are plenty of clues for you to realize which interactive…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] The Clock that Writes Time: Get a minimalist, elegant clock experience with text display design


The clock that writes time – time2words (4.5 stars with 11 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Telling time is a pretty simple, straightforward thing, but the surprising thing is that so many clock apps on iOS devices don’t do it in a simple manner. The Clock that Writes Time is the kind of app, however, that looks to approach time telling in a minimalist way.

With this clock app, number-based time display is replaced with minimalist text displayed on your device, telling you what time it is. It’s artistic and creative, yet it still performs its duties quite well. Down to the minute you’ll get time-bearing notification, as well as “noon” and…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] WattchIT: Keep track of every appliance in your home and see how much it’s costing you to run


WattchIT (4.5 stars with 35 Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


If you’re a nerd like me, then you love data. In fact, the idea of having detailed data about your house and its energy consumption probably gets you salivating at the mouth a little bit, and we have just the app for that.

It’s called WattchIT, and it allows you to monitor your home’s electricity costs with some simple input options. Want to know how much it might cost for a certain appliance to operate? How about what certain rooms cost per month when compared with others? WattchIT lets you do…(Read More)

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