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Sugar Roll:  Cute, Colorful Platformer for all ages

Gone Free! Sugar Roll!

Horizon:  Shoot Horizontal Videos even when your Phone is held Sideways or Upright

Gone Free! Horizon Video Cam

Vivid Effection: Create something beautiful and meaningful with this video and photo app of art

Gone Free! Vivid Effection


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Looking for quality iPhone and iPad apps to make your life easier? We have the best free iOS apps right here. But act fast. Most apps listed here are only free for a limited time. Grab them while they are still free today!

[ Gone Free ] Toca Pet Doctor: These Toca Pets Needs Your Help to Get Better

Toca Pet Doctor
(3.5 stars with 158 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


Toca Boca, everyone’s favorite children’s app developer, is back again for another app. This time your kids get the chance to play doctors for a variety of cute animals.

The vet’s office is full of sick animals. It is up to you and your kids to make them all better. Help that poor pigeon with a fractured wing by putting together those fractured…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Video Time Machine: Enjoy Videos of Years Gone By, All the way back to even 1899

Video Time Machine
(4.5 stars with 4574 Ratings)
Universal App
$2.99 Free for a limited time


There is a cool app called Video Time Machine for your iPhone and iPad, and it sports a plethora of videos across the 113 years of recording video history.

Video Time Machine is all about taking you to videos of days gone past by allowing you to choose a specific date and time in…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Truefilm: A photo editing tool with plenty of filters, brushes, and other features


(4.5 stars with 38 Ratings)
iPhone App
$1.99 Free for a limited time


A picture is worth a thousand words, yes. But perhaps it’s also worth a thousand edits. If that’s necessary in order to get just the right result, then so be it.

Truefilm is here to help take your iOS picture game to the next level by giving you plenty of editing tools, filters, brushes, and…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] OneKey Pro: Keep all your usernames, passwords, credit card info, and more in one secure spot


1Key Pro – Secure Password Manager
(4.5 stars with 674 Ratings)
Universal App
$4.99 Free for a limited time


Remembering all of your usernames and passwords for your litany of online personas can be a difficult and cumbersome task. Today’s Universal app is a password manager with robust features, and it’s called OneKey Pro.

OneKey Pro offers you an intuitive interface that’s pretty easy to use, no matter what your level of technology understanding. It’s a safe place to lock in your…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Halloween Jokes for Kids: An interactive book of jokes for everyone


Halloween Jokes for Kids
( stars with Ratings)
Universal App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


It’s one of my favorite times of the year: Halloween. This means everyone is getting into the spooky spirit with costumes, candy, and decorations, but there’s one thing missing. That missing item is jokes, but that can be rectified with Halloween Jokes for Kids.

Halloween Jokes for Kids is an app that gives interactive jokes that are safe for the family, all centered on Halloween…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Boto the Pink Dolphin: An educational game for small children


Boto the Pink Dolphin
( stars with User Ratings)
iPad App
$0.99 Free for a limited time

Boto the Pink Dolphin for iPhone
( stars with Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


It’s tough enough figuring out which apps to allow your children to play, let alone asking yourself if they’re actually going to do some good besides offering them mindless entertainment. For you parents of young children, there are thankfully games like Boto the Pink Dolphin.

Boto the Pink Dolphin is an educational gaming app which consists of elements that aim to encourage creativity and learning. There are six stages within…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Lil’ Red and the Lazy Coyote: A storybook adventure about a Western Lil’ Red and a coyote’s antics


Lil’ Red and the Lazy Coyote (5 stars with 5 Ratings)
iPad App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Keeping your child entertained is no small feat, let alone keeping them entertained while also aiming to educate them at the same time. Thankfully, there are a number of wonderful storybooks out there that aim to give your child a fun story to read, while also teaching them a few things along the way. That can absolutely be said for today’s app, Lil’ Red and the Lazy Coyote.

Lil’ Red and the Lazy Coyote follow the game’s second namesake, the lazy coyote, as it scours about the Southwest Desert stealing food instead…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Splashtop Touchpad: Turn your iPhone into a Mouse, Keyboard, and a Remote Control for your PC or MAC

Splashtop Touchpad
(4 stars with 778 Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


Don’t you wish you can use your iPhone as a touchpad mouse, keyboard, or even a remote for your PC or MAC media players?

With Splashtop Touchpad, you can turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi mouse and a remote keyboard. Simply install the Splashtop software on your…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Faded: A popular all-in-one photo editing app with more than 40 filters and plenty of tools

(4.5 stars with 4114 Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 Free for a limited time


For all you iPhoneographers out there, you know the value of having a great photo editing app at the ready, and there’s no such thing as having too many. Add another one to your arsenal with today’s offering, Faded.

Faded is a popular photo editing app with all the tools you would need to help make your photos stand out and look more creative. It has filters, plenty of effects, and loads of…(Read More)

[ Free Again ] Vivid Effection: Create something beautiful and meaningful with this video and photo app of art

Editor’s Pick: Vivid Effection – The creative Cam for Photo and Video


Vivid Effection – The creative Cam for Photo and Video
( stars with Ratings)
iPad App
$1.99 Free for a limited time



Creating something artistic and meaningful on the iPad is made all the easier by the device’s functionality and tools. However, some of the true power comes from the apps taking advantage of these opportunities afforded from the device, and Vivid Effection is certainly no exception to that rule.

With Vivid Effection, you can create something that is bold and imaginative with relative ease and extreme functionality. Whether it’s a photo or video, you’ll be able to see the effects you’re…(Read More)

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