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Angry Birds Space:  Experience the Classic Physics Game in Space!

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[New Game] Super Mario Run: Mario comes to iOS in the most interesting way

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Enhance Your Basic D&D Experience With These Great Apps!

Enhance Your Basic D&D Experience With These Great Apps!

The new Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons have been released as a free-to-download PDF. As an avid tabletop gamer, this is a Big Deal. I love playing D&D and other role-playing games as paperless as possible. As this new edition finally embraces the digital model, I thought I’d share with you some of the…(Read the full article)

Top Ten iOS Games of 2013

Top Ten iOS Games of 2013

The staff at App Saga have spent the past year giving their opinions on the games that you love. Now, we’ve come together to declare the Top 10 iPad and iPhone Games of 2013. These are ten games that you absolutely, positively should experience on your iOS devices. Game of the Year 1. XCOM: Enemy…(Read the full article)

Halloween Freebies: Fright Heights and Haunting Melissa

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Looking for some Halloween spirit on your iPhone or iPad? Check out these two freebie offerings below. They will both provide you with some scary fun on the big night. Fright Heights [Chillingo]   Invalid data returned from the iTunes Web Service. Check your app ID, and verify that the iTunes is currently up. (…(Read the full article)

Marvel War of Heroes Review: CCG By The Book

This is the third in what was going to be an open-ended installment of reviews of iOS CCGs. This week’s entry is one I was looking forward to: Marvel War of Heroes. I love Marvel comics and I have been known in the past to get drawn into even IAP-laden freemium games based on the…(Read the full article)

Star Wars Force Collections: The Force is Weak With This One

Last week I dove headlong into the mobile CCG pool with one of its popular mainstays, Rage of Bahamut. This week, I decided to take a look at one of the newer releases in the genre, one with a big franchise name attached: Star Wars Force Collections. Could the power and nostalgia of Star Wars…(Read the full article)

Rage of Bahamut — A Model of iOS Collectible Card Games

In all my time with MMOs and RPGs, there’s one related genre I’ve more or less neglected to really look into: CCGs. Mobile CCGs are not really my kind of game; they seem to be more about money than strategy. But a lot of people love them, and given that the MMORPG landscape has been…(Read the full article)

The State of iOS MMORPGs, September 2013: A Few Standouts in a Lackluster Field

I’m worried for MMORPGs on iOS. What seemed like such a viable genre only a couple of years ago has stagnated of late. The successful games have settled into their core audiences, with new content being, for the most part, several months behind us. Meanwhile, new releases all seem to be generic titles enslaved to…(Read the full article)

MMORPG News Roundup, Gen Con Edition: Baldur’s Gate, Lords of Waterdeep, and Kickstarter

This weekend is the biggest weekend in tabletop gaming: the Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, IN. Even though Gen Con is more about chucking dice than it is tapping screens, it doesn’t mean the iPhone didn’t get a little love this week from the RPG community. There are some big things brewing for fans…(Read the full article)

Ultima Forever for iOS Review: Venerable RPG Tarnished By IAPs

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When Electronic Arts announced that they were bringing the venerable Ultima franchise to mobile, many fans cheered. Then they told us that it was going to be a freemium game, and those cheers turned to groans. Could EA, who have become pretty big in the freemium space, pull off a playable Ultma game without falling…(Read the full article)

iOS Getting In On The Next Generation Of EverQuest With Lame Marketing

Any MMORPG player who knows their genre history knows of EverQuest, the first real “break out” MMORPG. Before there were WoW junkies or OnC wonks, there were EverQuest widows abandoned by old school players grinding in Norrath. While many people remember the failure of its sequel, EverQuest 2, the fact is that the original EverQuest…(Read the full article)

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