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Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing Transformed:  The Sequel lets you racing across land, sea and air

Gone Free! Sonic Racing Transformed!

KingHunt: The Next Generation of Slicing Games with Stunning Muffin and Cupcake Characters

Gone Free! KingHunt!

Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution



Call of Duty: Strike Team Review: Activision Redefines The iOS Shooter in Great Mobile-only Release


Usually when we’re pleasantly surprised by a game that hits the App Store out of nowhere, it comes from an unknown developer who’s out to make a name for themselves. Needless to say, that’s not the case with Activision and Call of Duty, but we were still blindsided by the release of Strike Team this…(Read the full article)

Riptide GP2 Review: Futuristic Hydro Jet Racing… It’s as Awesome as it Sounds!


Assuming I’m not the only iOS gamer with absurdly fond memories of 1996′s Wave Race 64, the core concept of Riptide GP2 should strike a chord with many of you… There’s something inherently appealing about lurching across untamed waters on overpowered, lightweight vehicles–isn’t there? Riptide GP2 is a follow up to what was–for a long…(Read the full article)

Ultima Forever for iOS Review: Venerable RPG Tarnished By IAPs


When Electronic Arts announced that they were bringing the venerable Ultima franchise to mobile, many fans cheered. Then they told us that it was going to be a freemium game, and those cheers turned to groans. Could EA, who have become pretty big in the freemium space, pull off a playable Ultma game without falling…(Read the full article)

Bloodmasque Review: A Guilty Pleasure With a Great Gimmick


This week’s entry into the MMO and RPG genres is a game that should not work, but it does. It’s Square Enix’s Bloodmasque, a horror-action game ripped straight from the pages of Vampire: The Masquerade. Bloodmasque is a schlock hack n’ slash adventure with one killer gimmick. The story of Bloodmasque is an amusing hodge-podge…(Read the full article)

Deus Ex: The Fall Review: Good Game, Poor Quality Control


People had a lot of expectations for Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile-exclusive quasi-sequel to the console franchise. The game doesn’t quite live up to our lofty expectations, but it’s still a capable FPS for your iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s also got some technical flaws. In Deus Ex, you take control of ex-SAS mercenary Ben Saxon,…(Read the full article)

Order and Chaos Online Celebrates Its Second Anniversary With New UI, Content, & Free Promotion Codes via IGN

It’s hard to believe that Order and Chaos Online has been going steady for two years now. The game — which was the very impetus for the creation of Massively Portable — has had its ups and downs, but there’s no denying that Gameloft has managed to build something unique on iOS with its Warcraft-style…(Read the full article)

[ Gone Free ] Infinity Blade 2 Drops its Price to Free for the first time Ever!

Editor’s Pick: Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II
(4.5 stars with 143242 User Ratings)
Universal App

Free Offer Ended. This app was free on July 8, 2013, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


Infinity Blade II, one of the best looking games in the App Store, has just gone free for a limited time! That’s right, free!
Infinity Blade II is an award winning hack and slash action adventure game. The original Infinity Blade introduced groundbreaking gesture based sword fights to the iPhone and iPad. Infinity Blade 2 picks up where the original story ended. This time…(Read More)

[ Gone Free ] Gone Free! BADLAND is a physics platformer quite unlike anything you have played before

Editor’s Pick: BADLAND

BADLAND (4.5 stars with 17799 User Ratings)
Universal App

Free Offer Ended. This app was free on July 8, 2013, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time.

The following impression was made during the promotional period.

Are you looking for something new and different on your iPhone and iPad? Check out the award winning game BADLAND.
As the winner of Apple’s 2013 Design Award, BADLAND (Read full review) is a physics platformer released earlier this year. In the game, you control a critter in a beautiful forest. As you wonder about the forest, you’ll encounter strange orbs that gives you the power to change shapes and…(Read More)

iOS 7 brings New and Exciting Functions and improves on some Old Ones

As you saw earlier, we’ve already mentioned the new look and feel of iOS 7, and how it’s basically a complete departure from what Apple’s done in the past with its mobile operating system. Now that we’ve touched on the visual aspect of things, let’s go over some of the awesome new functionality we’ll see…(Read the full article)

Hot New Games in the App Store! Gangstar Vegas, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Marvel Pinball and More

Not into basketball or hockey? That means your evenings should be pretty free this time of year, so we suggest taking a look at what’s new in the App Store. Presented below are trailers and details on the week’s hottest new offerings, from crime in Vegas to super hero pinball games… Gangstar Vegas Gangstar Vegas…(Read the full article)

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