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The Martian: Communicate with Astronaut Mark Watney in real time while helping him return to Earth

Gone Free! The Martian

INFOCUS Extreme Bike: A downhill BMX riding app with plenty of twists and turns to enjoy

Gone Free! INFOCUS Extreme Bike

Toca Kitchen:  Let the Kids Play with Food in this Kitchen Simulation App by Toca Boca

Gone Free! Toca Kitchen



Plants vs. Zombies 2 Review: The Sequel Improves in Every Area Except One


Plants vs. Zombies is one of my favorite games on my iPhone. It lasted a long time before I finally wiped it from my device to make room for newer games (as a reviewer, I have to do that a LOT). As such, I was both excited and fearful about the prospects of a sequel. On…(Read the full article)

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C said to be Launching on September 20th

After months of speculation about colors, components, and prices, we finally have a date to mark on the calendar. At least we think this is the date, for now. … Following the anticipated unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a press event on September 10th, Apple is expected to launch the new…(Read the full article)

Sky Gamblers: Cold War Review: Popular Franchise Serves Up More of the Same


Sky Gamblers has been high on the radar of iOS gamers since it was featured in the new iPad release event last year. Air Supremacy was well loved; and it’s sequel Storm Raiders was equally well received. Now, the franchise takes wing beyond World War II with Sky Gamblers: Cold War. The time period is…(Read the full article)

Tiny Thief Review: Rovio’s Sneaky Puzzle Game Delights


When Rovio announced its new Stars initiative, we were all eager to see what the results would be. Now, two games in, Rovio is showing that, yes, they can put out good games that don’t have Angry Birds in them. Tiny Thief, the second release from Rovio Stars, is a clever little puzzle game that…(Read the full article)

Where’s My Mickey Review: More Fun in the “Where’s My ___” Series, but with Unwelcome IAPs


So you’ve conquered “Where’s My Water?” and “Where’s My Perry?” and you’re wondering what iPhone game to get next… Disney has an idea of what your next purchase should be–and wouldn’t you know, it’s another “Where’s My” title. If you are not tired of puzzles that deal with directing the flow of water to beloved…(Read the full article)

Spiral Episode 1 Review: A Polished Action RPG


For a time it’s felt as though freemium games were going to take over iTunes, but lately we more serious gamers have been treated to some actual games that draw us in based on their compelling gameplay, not on their ability to tease us into microtransactions. One such game is Spiral Episode 1, an action…(Read the full article)

IceBreaker- A Viking Voyage Review: Another Great Puzzle Game From Rovio


Rovio’s development team seems pretty well focused at this point on milking the Angry Birds franchise for every penny it’s worth. So they’ve launched a new initiative, Rovio Stars, for supporting indy developers to create new games under the Rovio banner without foul-tempered fouls in them. The first release from this new initiative is Icebreaker:…(Read the full article)