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Best iPad Productivity Apps

Fantastical 2 for iPad Review: The Best Calendar on iPhone is Now the Best on iPad, Too


When I reviewed Fantastical on the iPhone, I ended up finding my new, permanent iPhone calendar solution. Now, finally, the same app has come out for iPad, and I have a new permanent solution for that device, too. Fantastical 2 for iPad is every inch as good as its iPhone counterpart, though it achieves that…(Read the full article)

Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for iPad Review: Worth the Wait


“It’s about time!” shouted the collective voice of enterprise IT experts and undergraduate college students on Thursday as Microsoft finally, FINALLY released Office for iPad. Well, not all of Office. Instead, it’s the three most commonly used components: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And they didn’t cut corners, either — these are beautiful, well thought out,…(Read the full article)

Real Racing 3 Review: Visually Jaw-Dropping Free Download that Plays Great… but with IAPs


Might as well come right out and say it—we’re nowhere near the first to review Real Racing 3, and by now you’ve heard time and again about how fantastic this game looks and how the gameplay is nearly-flawless… Well, we’ve finally played through Real Racing 3 and can say that it’s all true—it really does…(Read the full article)

Mailbox Review: Clever, Intuitive Mail App That’s Great If You Only Use Gmail


When the Mailbox app hit the App Store earlier this Spring, the tech blogs exploded with joy. Here was mail done cleanly, intuitively, sleekly, better. Of course, there was the two-week wait initially to actually use the app, as the Mailbox team only slowly rolled out their server load. That situation has changed recently. Mailbox team…(Read the full article)

Bento 4 for iPad Review: Neatly Packaged Suite Of Database Tools for Keeping Track of Everything in Life


Need a convenient, ready-made, customizable database for your iPad to track everything from movies to recipes to car maintenance? Bento 4 wants to be you go-to app. And in large part, it succeeds. Bento 4 is a great app for personal and home use, though it has some limitations I confess that I have never…(Read the full article)

Notability Review: An Excellent Note-Taking, PDF Annotation Tool


Let’s be honest, taking notes probably wasn’t one of the possible uses that got 
you most excited about getting that new iPad. It’s easy for productivity apps like
 Notability to become overshadowed by all the great gaming, photography, music,
 and entertainment apps that litter the App Store… But some of us are interested
 in taking…(Read the full article)

iThoughtsHD Review: Five-Star Mind Mapping App for Brainstorming Ideas, Organizing Thoughts, Taking Notes, & More!


When I was  assigned a review of iThought HD — a mind-mapping app designed to help plan out projects, papers, and processes using a visual and colorful flow-charting system — I figured there was only one way to review it: Plan out my review within the app. So I did. iThoughtsHD is an app designed…(Read the full article)

Numbers Review (2011): Improvements Make For A Solid App


Last year, I reviewed the then-newly released Numbers for iPad. At the time, I dismissed it as “almost meaningless in the business and professional world” due to it’s incompatibility with Excel, the world leader in spreadsheets, and its poor cloud support. Well, a lot has changed about Numbers since then, and so it was time…(Read the full article)

PenUltimate Review: Solid Functionality


Penultimate , from Cocoa Box Design, is the app that I have settled on for meetings in my day job. [What, you thought I wrote app reviews for a living? I wish!] Out of a field of many notetaking contenders, Penultimate was the one that did what I needed it to do. Specifically, Penultimate takes…(Read the full article)

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad Review: Turn Your iPad into a TouchScreen PC or Mac, it Works!


Need an app to let you access your PC from your iPad? Been frustrated with the apps you’ve tried? Then Splashtop Desktop Remote just may be the app for you. It is easily the most usable remote desktop app I’ve seen in the App Store. On in-home WiFi, Splashtop Desktop Remote works, and works incredibly…(Read the full article)

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