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Deemo: A Beautiful Rhythm game that actually makes you feel like you are playing the Piano

Gone Free! Deemo

Defenders: A stunning tower defense game mixed together with collectible card elements

Gone Free! Defenders!

RPG Band of Monsters:  Epic Monster Taming RPG

Gone Free! RPG Band of Monsters!


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Walking Dead Season 2 Ep. 1 Review: Telltale Tries To Recapture the Magic


Warning! This review discusses events in The Walking Dead: The Game S1. You have been warned.  After the huge success of The Walking Dead: The Game, expectations were high for developer Telltale Games to follow it up with a strong second season. And they have with The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1, “All That…(Read the full article)

Republique Episode 1 Review: Buy This Game Now


Here’s all you need to know about Republique, the long-anticipated stealth-survival game from developer Camoflaj: you need to go out and buy it now. For those who are unfamiliar with the game’s history: yes, Republiqe began as a Kickstarter project, funded some 18 months ago to the tune of $500,000. And that money was well…(Read the full article)

The Wolf Among Us Review: Telltale Brings Walking Dead Formula To Fairy Tales


Once upon a time, before shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm offered modern spins on classic fairy tales, the was Fables, the DC/Vertigo comic book series that trailblazed the concept of make believe characters in the real world. Now, Fables has been brought to the App Store via Telltale Games, the company behind last year’s award-winning The Walking Dead…(Read the full article)

Skulls of the Shogun for iOS Review: Turn-Based Mayhem in the Land of the Dead


I love a good turn-based strategy game. So I was happy to download Skulls of the Shoguns, which is a very good strategy game with great graphics and a sharp sense of humor. In Skulls of the Shogun you play General Akamoto, a powerful shogun who was killed on the battlefield and now finds himself…(Read the full article)

Bit.Trip Run! Review: This Fun and Quirky Runner Stands Out from the Pack


I know what you’re thinking… Another endless runner in the App Store—what could  Gaijin Games possibly have up their sleeve that makes BIT.TRIP RUN! any different than the rest of the titles populating this genre? As it turns out, BIT.TRIP RUN! feels like it belongs in a category all it’s own—one that encompasses the highest…(Read the full article)

Icycle: On Thin Ice Review: A Singular Blend of Artistry and Game Design


There are plenty of simple, addicting games in the App Store. There are also plenty of games with amazing artistry. Icycle: On Thin Ice, the new platform puzzler from developer Damp Gnat and publisher Chillingo, is one of those rare games that combines the two qualities, and does so in a wonderfully bizarre way. The…(Read the full article)

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Review: Charming, Graphically Polished Retro Remake


Disney and Sega have gotten together to bring to the App Store one of the better Disney games of yesteryear: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. This re-imagining of the memorable 16-bit side-scroller, originally released to consoles, is a fun and visually impressive romp that will delight gamers of all ages. Genesis-era gamers will likely…(Read the full article)

Lords of Waterdeep Review: Scheme Your Way to Ultimate Victory


Wizards of the Coast has only recently started bringing the Dungeons & Dragons license to iOS. Their first offering, last month’s Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War, was a disappointing Mobage retread. Happily, their new effort, Lords of Waterdeep, doesn’t disappoint. It’s a top-notch board game app developed with Playdek that brings all the quality…(Read the full article)

Oceanhorn Review: A Zelda Clone Wrapped in Console-Quality Graphics


I don’t think there’s a player out there who will deny anymore that mobile is rising as a legitimate game platform and that the iPad is only a few killer titles away from being a leading gaming device. As if we needed more proof, Cornfox & Bros has just given us Oceanhorn, another example of…(Read the full article)

Device 6 Review: Stunning Visuals, Creepy Atmosphere, Fascinating Puzzles… Five Stars!


After several years of reviewing games found in the App Store, the times when I get immediately enthralled in an app experience have grown increasingly few and far between. It seems the majority of developers are content to tweak the endless runner formula or crank out another first-person shooter that plays poorly, at best. You…(Read the full article)

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