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Zombie Highway Driver’s Ed:  A Zombie Highway Spin-off with New Challenges

Gone Free! Zombie Highway Driver's Ed

Flight Track 5: Get this Popular Real-Time Plane Tracker Free via Expedia’s Media Lounge

Free Via Redeemable Codes: Flight Track 5

1-Password:  The Popular Password Manager Goes Free for a Limited Time

Gone Free! 1Password


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Hot, New iOS Game Releases This Week (Sept 20): Goat Simulator, Epic Zen Garden, Plunder Pirates, & More

Hot, New iOS Game Releases This Week (Sept 20):  Goat Simulator, Epic Zen Garden, Plunder Pirates, & More

One of the big improvements we’ve seen this week with the release of iOS 8 is the graphics on many of the new games. Epic Zen Garden and even Rovio Star’s new defense game Plunder Pirates all use Metal, the new powerful graphics framework included in iOS 8 to make, their graphics shine. If you…(Read the full article)

You Can Now Talk to Siri Hands Free! Time to Give this Digital Personal Assistant Another Try


With the new iOS 8 update, Siri gains the ability to communicate with its user hands free. Yes, that means you no longer have to hold and press that home button to start asking Siri a question. You just have to say “Hey Siri” to activate a dialog.(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week. Spider-Man Unlimited, Chronology, DRAGON QUEST I, & More


There are a lot of great games released this week. Spider-man Unlimited is a surprisingly robust 3D runner game from Gameloft that combines running, dodging, fighting, and web slinging to this familiar game genre. Also available are Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest I and a well crafted puzzle platformer called Chronology: Time Changes Everything. Other games we like this week are The Sleeping Prince, Goblin Sword, Phantom Rift, Spymaster, and Kunin.

Many of the games mentioned above are free to play, so feel free to check them out during the weekend. Continue reading for trailers and commentaries…(Read More)

Apple Introduces the new Apple Watch. Coming in Early 2015


Apple today introduced that one more thing… And wouldn’t you know it? It is the Apple Watch.

That’s right, it is not called the iWatch, as rumors have suggested. And the Apple Watch actually comes in 2 sizes and 3 styles with customizable wrist bands. Unsurprisingly, many features of the Apple Watch would require an iPhone nearby in order be functional…(Read More)

Apple Introduces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Bigger Screen and Better Performance. Will Launch on September 19th


Here it is, folks—the day we’ve all been waiting for. Today Apple unveiled the new iPhone, which is now split into two different sizes, called iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In a design overhaul the likes of which we have not seen from Apple, the new iPhones will be larger, and mimic the looks of the…(Read More)

Apple Introduces Apple Pay, its New Touchless iPhone Payment Solution


Mobile payments are here, and though they’ve been around for a few years now, it looks like Apple just might take them to a whole new level. Today, amidst all the other announcements they made, Apple also unveiled Apple Pay, which the company says should revolutionize the mobile payment industry, and quite possibly replace your wallet.

If you are one of the lucky ones to get…(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week (Sept 4): Angry Birds Stella, Valiant Hearts, Mikey Boots, & More


There are many notable new iOS games released this week. Among them, Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts and Rovio’s Angry Birds Stella are our favorite new games this week. Valiant Hearts’ story driven WWI adventure and Angry Birds Stella’s lush graphics captured our attention the moment we launched each game.

Other notable game releases includes Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Bounce, King’s Diamond Digger Saga, and Mikey Boots, but these are not everything App Store has to offer this week. Read on for the full list of hot, new iOS games this week!(Read More)

September $25 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway Begins. August Winners Announced


Summer is coming to an end as September begins at AppSaga with another round of iTunes gift Card giveaway. As usual, we are giving away two $25 iTunes gift cards redeemable on the US App Store and iTunes.

To enter the giveaway, simply log on to our AppSaga Rewards program and spend 10 reward points for one entry to the Giveaway. Every entry gives you a chance to win one of the two $25 gift cards available. Remember, you can…(Read More)

In light of celebrity nude photo leaks, Apple releases statement of assurance for users


In a statement on Tuesday, Apple made strong support of its iCloud services in light of the recent celebrity nude photo leaks that took place this week.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that a large number of celebrities fell victim to photo hacking of sensitive pictures. What’s so unique and unusual about this one instance is the abundance of…(Read More)

Reddit releases Ask Me Anything standalone app


Let’s be honest: Reddit’s Ask Me Anything extravaganzas tend to be some of the more interesting thing on the internet, giving you a live look-in to the life of a certain celebrity or public figure. The format is so popular, in fact, that Reddit has decided to release an official app for AMAs that users can open and enjoy as they please.

If you know anything about the AMAs, you know that the open interview format allows users to ask basically any question to a celebrity or public figure they wish, and then in turn that(Read More)

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Hot, New iOS Game Releases This Week (Sept 20):  Goat Simulator, Epic Zen Garden, Plunder Pirates, & More

Hot, New Games This Week! Goat Simulator & More!

You Can Now Talk to Siri Hands Free! Time to Give this Digital Personal Assistant Another Try

You can now Talk to Siri Hands Free!

Goblin Sword Review: Retro Platforming Goodness

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