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CBS Finally Offers a Standalone app with Full-Episode Streaming Content

It seems like most networks have had full-episode streaming apps on iOS devices for years now. That is, most networks except CBS. That’s all changing now, as CBS has finally released their own standalone app for watching daytime, primetime, and late night content from the network.


Now you can get your fix on such shows as CSI (cue David Caruso sunglasses and “UH-YEAHHH!”), How I Met Your Mother, The Young and the Restless, and the Late Show with David Letterman. While shows like CBS News, CBS This Morning, and 60 Minutes have had their own standalone apps with full episodes available for awhile, this marks the first time network-wide content is available.

CBS is the #1 network in the U.S., so I imagine that this move will be welcomed with arms wide-open by a lot of users. The one drawback is that even though you have to wait the typical one day after an episode airs to watch it on the app, primetime content won’t be available for viewing for eight days. Which, if you’re paying attention, effectively means you’ll be two episodes behind on your favorite shows if you rely on streaming.

Honestly, I’m rather shocked it’s taken this long for CBS to jump on board the app train, but at least they’re doing something about it now. I guess that’s progress, if you can call it anything.

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  • Mitty

    The only issue I found is that I can only watch clips of Big Bang theory, not full episodes. There is a tab for full episodes, but it brings you o previews and clips. I have to go to the actual website on my computer to see them.

  • abe

    as usual another app that won’t work overseas -frustrating expiates as well as those who want to learn english and about western culture – the networks block overseas access to “protect their content” which in turn creates a thriving piracy market where millions of the dvds are sold for less than a dollar each – then in turn make their way back into the us market via ebay and craigslist. Its a policy that needs a serious re-think.

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