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Soundtrack Attack: A rhythm runner filled with jewels and colorful environments

Gone Free! Soundtrack Attack

Tiny Archers: An exploratory bow-and-arrow defense game with intriguing gameplay

Gone Free! Tiny Archers!

Toca Life: School is a fun way for kids to prepare for the eventual school year with mini-games and engaging tasks

Apps For Kids: Toca Life: School


Check out Horn, Jack Lumber, Puzzlecraft, and other Hot New Games of the Week!

It’s back to school this week, but that doesn’t mean that the fun stops in the App Store. Check out the newest action adventure game Horn. It boasts console quality graphics and excellent gameplay that should please any Infinity Blade fans.

While school is in session, we would never advocate such a thing as playing iPhone games in class. But if you’re the kind of kid—or parent—who thinks that’s cool, well, here are the hottest selections of the week!


Horn™ Universal

(4 stars with 3719 Ratings)


From the makers of Dark Meadow, developer Phosphor games has teamed up with Zynga to deliver another eye popping adventure. This time, the adventure is set in a fantasy world where you play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn. Explore the beautiful lands to undo a curse that has fallen on your homeland. Are you ready for another epic adventure?

Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft Universal

(4.5 stars with 20177 Ratings)


When you hear the challenge, “Transform your humble settlement into a kingdom,” you probably don’t expect a match-three puzzler. But that’s what Chillingo is giving us with the 99-cent Puzzle Craft. Should be interesting to see how they tie in town-building elements with the match-three gameplay.

Random Heroes

Random Heroes Universal

(4.5 stars with 10238 Ratings)


If you like retro graphics and action platformers, then you should know by now that Ravenous Games is your developer. After bringing us League of Evil, they’re back with Random Heroes. It’s 99 cents and looks like the perfect follow up for fans of League of Evil.

Official Mad Skills BMX

Mad Skills BMX Universal

(4.5 stars with 2535 Ratings)


Developer turborilla definitely has a niche. After bringing us Mad Skills Motorcross, they’re back with Mad Skills BMX. The 99-cent game is a side-scrolling racer, and the trailer makes it look immensely playable!

Flip’s Escape

Flip’s Escape Universal

(4.5 stars with 243 Ratings)


Unfolding inside the world of The Last Rocket, this one-button minigame has you controlling a rocket as it races to avoid an advancing explosion. It’s 99 cents, and shouldn’t be missed by those who played The Last Rocket.

Disney’s Fish Hooks

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( stars with Ratings)


Maybe you’re not familiar with Disney’s Milo character or the show we assume goes along with this game, but that doesn’t mean this free physics game can’t be enjoyed. It takes place underwater and involves bubbles.

Jack Lumber

Jack Lumber Universal

(4.5 stars with 414 Ratings)


For all its controversy, Smuggle Truck was a pretty good game, so we have reason to be excited about Jack Lumber—the latest from Owlchemy Labs and Sega. It’s a line-drawing, log-chopping affair, to which we really have no comparison. But for 99 cents, it definitely looks worth a try! Just watch the trailer.




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