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Clash of Clans adds the Witch and Ability to Share Replays Between Clan Members


If you love tower defense games, chances are that you have played Clash of Clans, one of the most popular games in the App Store for quite some time.

With its success, Clash of Clans has been periodically adding new units, towers, and features. In the latest update, Clash of Clans gains a new powerful witch unit and ability to share replays with your clan mates.

The new unit, the witch, is extremely powerful. You can unlock it after upgrading the dark barracks to level 5. This unit can summon skeletons from the ground at any time and have them charge at enemy towers. And if those skeletons perish, the witch will simply summon new ones. The witch also casts magic attack spells, but those individual spells are weak, comparable to only an archer.

If you position these witches well during an attack, they can be very deadly. The towers often focus on attacking only the near endless supply of skeletons, while the witches stay behind unharmed. Witches are also great defenders too. One or more witches can probably take down a whole army of invaders, so donate them to your clan mates often.

Another big feature in this update is the ability to share battle replays with your clan mates. Discuss your last battle with your clan mates. Perhaps they have just been attacked by an army led by a dozen witches. Now you can watch it in action too.

If you still haven’t gotten into Clash of Clans, it might be the perfect time to start now. Just be warned, it will take you a while to get the Witch, the nastiest new unit in the game. In the mean time, take a look at a trailer of an epic dragon raid below.

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