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Coaster Crazy: Design and Tweak your Own Rides in this Surprisingly Fun 3D Roller Coaster Sim. Free!

Coaster Crazy Universal (4 stars with 3644 Ratings)


You probably thought you have seen everything there is in a roller coaster game in the App Store, but the amount of details put into Coaster Crazy is indeed crazy.

The realistic physics, the gorgeous visuals, the wide variety of characters, intuitive touch interface, and the number of available customizations to your coaster make Coaster Crazy one of the most enjoyable roller coaster building sim in the App Store.

At first, I was reluctant to try Coaster Crazy. It is a freemium game. With a title called Coaster Crazy, and an uninspiring icon, I thought it was just another Farmville like theme park game. But boy, was I wrong.

Coaster Crazy is all about building top of the line roller coaster rides. You have to modify existing rides to make them a lot more exciting while meeting each of the required “benchmarks” before opening your ride to the public.

Add loops, inversions, crazy turns, tunnels, and lots of other specials to make your ride that much more exciting. See if you can increase your top speed, vertical and lateral g-force with your expert knowledge of physics and design in a roller coaster ride.

After building your ride, you get to test it out with a group of interesting characters willing to “beta test” your ride. See everything that goes on during a test ride with a variety of camera controls. You can even watch your ride from the viewpoint of a “beta tester.”

These characters also display a variety of cool animations while they are on your ride. Watch crazy riders take off their seat belt and dance on the roller coaster while it is moving. It’s a joy watching your ride in action, but make sure your ride design is safe. The worst (but also the funniest) thing that can happen during a ride is to have all of your riders fall out during a high speed 90 degree turn.

When you are done designing your ride and opened it to the public, you will then start to accumulate money from each ride as time passes. Money is required to open up new rides. It is also needed when building and adding specials your ride. This is where the freemium gameplay start to kick in. You might need to wait for a while before you can accumulate more wealth to start designing new rides. You will also need to wait before a new ride is completed. Some special ride parts also require special game currency called gems. Money and gems can be bought via In App Purchases.

But don’t let the IAPs stop you from checking out this game. For the most part, you don’t need to buy them to enjoy the game. Designing and watching your own roller coaster ride in action alone is just so much fun. Make a small tweak to you existing ride and see how the riders react. Will your newly designed roller coaster pass the test? Try it out, Coaster Crazy should definitely give you a smile as your roller coaster makes its run.

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  • Crazeibabe

    How do you get more air time? I cant figure out how?

  • Try making a steep fall from high places at high speed.

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