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Cut the Rope Walkthrough and Solutions-Get All the Stars!

Cut the Rope Walkthrough

Cut the Rope is a fun, yet challenging game. It combines puzzle and physics style gameplay to deliver a variety of unique and challenging environments that will have you cry just one more time. Gaming perfectionists will also want to collect all the stars to proof their superior rope cutting ability to the world. But what happens if you keep on failing on a level. How do you get all the stars?

We have compiled a video walkthrough of Cut the Rope levels. This Cut the Rope Walkthrough will show you how to get all the stars in each level. Be warned, please use this guide as a last resort. It is more fun to solve the getting-candy-to-the-monster rope cutting puzzle yourself.

The Walkthrough

Cardboard Box Walkthrough

Level 1-1 thru 1-5
Level 1-6
Level 1-7
Level 1-8
Level 1-9
Level 1-10
Level 1-11
Level 1-12
Level 1-13
Level 1-14
Level 1-15
Level 1-16
Level 1-17
Level 1-18
Level 1-19
Level 1-20
Level 1-21
Level 1-22
Level 1-23
Level 1-24
Level 1-25

Fabric Box Walkthrough

Level 2-1
Level 2-2
Level 2-3
Level 2-4
Level 2-5
Level 2-6
Level 2-7
Level 2-8
Level 2-9
Level 2-10
Level 2-11
Level 2-12
Level 2-13
Level 2-14
Level 2-15

This walkthrough will be updated periodically to include more levels. If you don’t see the solution to the level you are looking for, come back later to for more Cut the Rope Walkthrough and Solutions. In the mean time, why don’t you visit our Apps Gone Free page to grab the best collection of great premium paid apps that has gone free temporarily for a limited time. Have fun!

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