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Deemo Song List, Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, Hints, and Tips


Deemo is a piano music game that allows you to “play the piano notes” as the piano keys drop from top to bottom during gameplay. As you tap on each piano key, you are also triggering a piano note thanks to Deemo’s real time music feedback system. This way, you will feel like you are actually playing the piano as you play the game. Deemo also has a story element to it. As you score higher on each song, you have a chance to unlock new story trailers, new areas, and new songs.


Unlocking New Songs

There are only a few songs available to you when you first start the main music collection, “Deemo’s Collection #1.” However, as you complete more songs, you will also obtain new songs to play. We have unlocked 25 songs in Deemo’s Collection #1 so far.

New songs can be unlocked by either increasing the height of the piano tree or discovering song books scattered in different areas within the game.

The Piano Tree

Soon after you have completed several stages, a seed will sprout near the piano. This plant will grow taller as you complete each song. The higher you score in each song, the taller the plant will grow. You can replay a song at the same difficulty to try to get a higher score. If you get a score higher than your previous score, the tree will grow taller, based on the differences between the two scores. Each difficulty mode for the same song counts as separate songs that can make your tree grow taller. So if you want your tree to grow taller, make sure you try to get a high score on the normal and difficult modes too.

As your tree grow past a certain height, new songs may be unlocked.

Game Areas

As you progress in the game, new game areas are unlocked. There are new songs hidden in every game area, including the main screen with the piano and the tree. On the left of the piano, you’ll find the library. Here you can view past story trailers, purchase additional song collections via IAP, and of course discover and unlock new songs. Try tapping on various items on the screen at different times and see if you can discover and unlock new songs. To the right of the piano tree is the entrance to another room. It will be unlocked after the tree has grown to a certain height. New songs are also hidden within this room. Come back often and see if you can discover new songs.


Song List

Here is all of the songs we have discovered and unlocked for Deemo’s Collection #1.

1. Dream

2. Reflection (Mirror Night)

3. Evolution Era

4. Jumpy Star

5. Wings of piano

6. nine point eight

7. Light poluution

8. Undo

9. Platinum

10. Utopiosphere

11. Reverse – Parallel Universe

12. I hate to tell you

13. Saika

14. Yubikiri Genman

15. Invite

16. Run Go Run

17. Yawning Lion

18. Pulses

19. Electron

20. Untitled2

21. Walking by the Sea

22. Beyond the Stratus

23. Sairai

24. Entrance

25. Magnolia


Higher Score

To make your tree grow as tall as possible. We recommend that you score at least 90% on the Easy difficulty for all songs, 80% on Normal difficulty, and at least 70% for the Hard difficulty.

It is important to know that your score depends on the number of combos and exact timing of each piano note. Try to get all of the combo in Easy difficulty modes and get exact timing of each piano note as much as possible in normal and hard difficulty levels.

Some of the songs get really hard in the Normal and Hard difficulty levels. Try to memorize the melodies in your head and tap the piano keys according the melodies’ rhythms.

Unlock the Ending

You can unlock the ending video and credits after your tree grows to 20 meters in height. You’ll receive a new song, Magnolia, after the ending credits. The tree will stop growing after it reaches 20 meters.

Deemo Ending Theme Song

Sakura iro no yume

The Complete Deemo Collection Playlist

Here is a full playlist of all the songs in Deemo, including other song collections that require In-App purchases

If you have troubles with the video playlist above, you can also access the entire playlist on Youtube.

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23 comments on “Deemo Song List, Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, Hints, and Tips

  1. I got 27 songs on the main list. I’m not sure if these are the missing ones but angelic sphere and Leviathan are my last two and yours isn’t.

  2. This is wrong. The tree does not stop growing. After credits just keep playing songs until it does. There’s a balcony and multiple locked doors you still have to open. You also get three collections of songs not just the first two.

  3. how to change the difficult mode in game ? izzit have to hit more high score ?

  4. You have Deemo version 2.0 which only recently came out. They’re referring to the first versions

  5. Omg and I kept wondering why my tree didn’t grow over 20 =w= Does this mean that no more songs get unlocked after this?

  6. Balcony? I’ve only gotten to see the library even though my tree grew all 20 meters. What did you do to get that?

  7. After the tree reach 20meter it`s not end yet
    go to the attic and click the painting and it`ll leads you to another piano room
    play the song once and then “Angelic Sphere” and “Leviathan” song unlocked and your tree will be at 30meter
    keep playing until 50meter for the true ending (i guess)

  8. the real question is how do you get out of the painting….. because i cant figure that out and im just constantly exiting the game and restarting ti, which is annoying

  9. You drag the screen down and it will show you the door…don’t worry I had the same problem

  10. thanks lol. i figured it out after i commented but forgot to mention it. i finished the game now and the feels…..

  11. I’m just past the paining so I think I have awhile to go but it shouldn’t take me long to finish I just hope I don’t get lost again

  12. the painting is the only confusing one. the ones after that are really straight forward

  13. Ok then that puts me at ease a bit more I guess……just have to build up my tree now

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