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Did you get yours? Online Orders of iPad Mini and iPad 4 Sold Out for Nov 2 Launch Day

Apple’s latest updates to their iPad line have been available for preorder at the online Apple Store for all of three days, and as of now they are sold out of November 2nd delivery day units for both the iPad Mini and iPad 4.

What does this mean? If you want an iPad Mini or iPad 4 as soon as possible and for some reason you’re determined to order it straight from Apple, then it’s going to be a few weeks, at best. While the white model of the iPad Mini was sold out in just a few minutes after pre-ordering started at midnight last Friday, the black iPad Mini model remained available for launch day delivery until today (Monday). Now you’ll have to look elsewhere if you decided late that the November 2nd delivery date was of utmost priority.

The 4th generation iPads also have their shipping date moved to 1 week. It’s unclear whether the iPad 4’s were sold out during the weekend or Apple simply couldn’t deliver these new iPads to customers by the November 2nd launch day.

It will be interesting to find out just what kind of initial supply number Apple brought with these new tablets. Of course, we assume selling out is in their best interest some way or another, but still, their pre-order sales tend to outdo what has come before, and now we have indication that the iPad Mini and iPad 4 might continue that trend.

If you’re unable to find a delivery date of November 2nd from any seller other than Apple, then you’ve always got the option of heading out to a retail location this Friday and doing that whole thing… What do you think—is the iPad Mini or the iPad 4 worth it?!

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