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Electronic Arts Merges Firemint and IronMonkey to make a New Game Studio called FireMonkeys

We don’t often pause to think about how the iOS games we love end up in the App Store, but once in awhile some sort of deal goes down in the developer world that’s worth mentioning. One such deal happened today when EA announced that they would merge their two mobile studios—IronMonkey and Firemint. And they’re calling it… FireMonkeys.

If your memory needs jogged, the people at Firemint are the ones who brought us such games as Real Racing, SPY Mouse, and Flight Control. Each one of those efforts was ground-breaking in its own way, so there was plenty reason to think that Firemint wasn’t done putting out hits all on its own… But now that the studio has been merged with IronMonkey, Firement will have the additional brains and skill that were behind apps like Dead Space and Mass Effect Infiltrator.

There’s not much allure in talking about developer mergers, but take a second and think about the talents that are coming together here. Games like SPY Mouse and Flight Control showed incredible innovation when it comes to unique gameplay and utilization of the iOS platform, while Mass Effect and Dead Space were both straight-up visual masterpieces… Combine all those elements, and who knows what could happen?

About the merger, the people at EA had this to say:

“By aligning the strategy of IronMonkey and Firemint, EA is able to create an even more focused team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to developing high-quality mobile game experiences… Fans should expect to see progressive development efforts with upcoming launch and project announcement in 2012.”

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