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Even Better Google Maps app for iPhone arrives in latest Update

Now that we’ve been using Google Maps for a few months and the trauma that was Apple Maps is well in the past, you may have identified a few things you wish Google’s map offering did a little better. Or maybe you’re still too high from the departure from Apple Maps to be critical in the least… Either way, Google’s latest update to the Maps app makes some noteworthy improvements.


The features of the latest update could best be summarized as “personal” in nature. Google has made it possible to see your Google contacts’ addresses on the map through integration with the app’s search function, meaning you can search for someone by name and see their address appear on the map at the same time. It’s a useful feature as long as you’re in the habit of including addresses in your contact listings… The second major feature of the update is improved local categories. The inclusion of new quick search icons mean that finding things like gas stations, bars, restaurants, or coffee shops can be accomplished by tapping the appropriate icon and watching the map populate with your options. This makes a lot of sense, since those types of searches probably make up for a huge portion of the app’s everyday usage… Lastly, you can now choose between miles and kilometers, depending on how you want Google Maps to display distance units.

Overall, the update makes for a Google Maps app that should be a lot more personal to each user, since it all depends on where you are, who you know, and how you prefer distance units… There was nothing wrong with Google Maps before this update, but in the fight between Google Maps and Apple Maps (if you can call it a fight), the scale just tipped even further in Google’s favor.


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