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Facebook Version 6.0 Brings Chat Heads and Stickers to iPhone/iPad, Isn’t Facebook Home

fb-ios-130416So you’ve been dying to get Facebook Home on your iPhone—but barring that possibility, stickers will do, right? Version 6.0 of the iOS Facebook app dropped today, and while it does introduce a few noteworthy new features, it falls well short of matching the overhauled Facebook Home experience currently being “enjoyed” by Android folk. Among the new features we DID get are Chat Heads, a redesigned News Feed, updated user interface on iPad, and yes—stickers.

DisplayMedia.ashxSo, Facebook Home this is not, that much is clear. But the iOS community hasn’t exactly been clamoring for Facebook’s lockscreen takeover, so there’s the possibility that Facebook 6.0 will be a welcome arrival on its own. After downloading the update, you’re going to notice some changes right off the bat whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad (though the update is more readily apparent on iPad). Facebook has redesigned the News Feed and given it a “cleaner look,” which is hard to put into words but definitely noticeable—the brightness especially stands out on iPad.

The Chat Heads present in Version 6.0 feel especially Facebook Home-esque. They can be dragged around the screen and are always there—even while browsing your news feed… Looking to spice up the conversation? That’s where stickers come in, and feel free to BUY more from the store.

Are Chat Heads, Stickers, and a better News Feed going to cut it in lieu of a real Facebook Home for iOS, or will diehard social networkers be tempted by Android if the real thing stays exclusive?


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