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Flipboard Celebrates 20 Millions users and its 2nd Birthday with this Awesome Infograph

Things move fast in the digital age, and nowhere is technology moving faster than in the App Store. To be the developer of a noteworthy app is no doubt a tumultuous ride, so the people behind Flipboard Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc. have decided to celebrate two years of fast-paced app existence by creating the entertaining infograph featured below. Don’t have time to peruse the specifics? Just know this—Flipboard has 20 million users and boasts a total of “3 billion flips per month.” The rest is just gravy…

Moving down the colorful history of Flipboard, the text reads like the definition of a healthy, thriving app. Not only has Flipboard wrangled in 20 million users—they’re adding to that total at a rate of one new user every second. And you can’t say these people are downloading and then letting the app sit stagnant, since the infographic also shows that they use the app nearly 90 minutes each month.

We could go on by listing all of Flipboard’s social triumphs and recently debuted features (Cover Stories, big partnerships, language support, iPhone edition), but that takes the fun out of diving into a well-formed infograph. Take a second and have a look below, then feel free to get back to flipping…

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