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Forget about the Waiting List, Popular iOS Gmail Client Mailbox now Available Immediately for Everyone


It was hard to get overly excited about Mailbox back when it first released, seeing as by the time you got on the waiting list you were probably looking at a few weeks wait time. Frustrating as it was, the service continued to gain momentum as the user base multiplied, and to date Mailbox has filled more than 1 million reservations and is responsible for the sending of about 100 million messages every day… So, maybe there’s something to this simplified Gmail client for iOS. Fortunately, the annoying wait list is a thing of the past, and you can download/start using Mailbox Mailbox - Orchestra, Inc. today!


The change in process comes just after Mailbox was updated to version 1.2—an update that came with better snooze settings and new swipe gestures… For those who were still several hundred thousand deep in the waiting list and haven’t got to try it yet—Mailbox distinguishes itself from the built-in iOS Mail app by unifying your inboxes and letting you swipe left or right to do things like archive, delete, or snooze emails. The system is ideal for those who enjoy an empty inbox and want to sift and sort emails for better organization. Even though it works like a charm, I’ve found that the workflow it dictates doesn’t sync with my old habits—but when I force myself to work with Mailbox, I end up being more organized.

So, if you thought you had weeks to wait before finding out what Mailbox is all about, this is great news. On the other hand, maybe the anticipation has been part of building so much excitement around this app? It’ll be interesting to see if the Mailbox adoption rate holds its pace now that it’s freely available.


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