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Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Ends Subscription Model, Gets Price Cut, PvP Update, & a Spin-Off Game

Gameloft went and made this week’s column really easy. They made not just one, not just two, but three big announcements this week regarding Order and Chaos Online Order & Chaos© Online - Gameloft. And while we don’t have all the details yet, they signal some fun times ahead for fans of Gameloft’s stand-out MMORPG.

Order and Chaos PvP Update

We’ve waited, we’ve speculated, we’ve complained; and now, it’s finally coming: the big new content update featuring the most requested new feature: PvP arenas. Literally titled PvP Arena, the new update is expected sometime in August. Two battle arenas have been previewed, which fits with the two PvP areas in Greenmont; one is forest-set and Alliance themed, while the other is jungle-set and Chaos themed. There will also be leaderboards (yay!) and more gear — presumably the rest of the “Sailen gear” sets which began with the last update, and which appear to be geared towards PvP combat builds.

On top of that, the update is bringing mounts! I don’t know how many people were actively calling for this one, but it’s one of those features that’s going to flesh out OnC and make it feel more like a full-bodied MMORPG. Stags, horses, lions, and wolves have been promised. Assuming things work like they do in other games, the horse will be the human mount, the stag will be the elf mount, the lion will be the orc mount, and the wolf will be the undead mount.

Add on to that a new dungeon (probably the long-rumored “Sailen Upper City,” now referred to as the Palace), new quests, and some changes left unannounced, and it’s no wonder this is being called the biggest OnC update yet.

Order and Chaos Goes Paymium

Technically, this was part of the PvP update announcement, but it’s significant enough to be treated separately. As of the new update, OnC is dropping its subscription model and making the game “paymium” — that is, pay to buy the game, but then free to continue playing after purchase. Some sites have mistakenly reported that the game is going freemium — that is, entirely free to download and play — but I have confirmed with a Gameloft source that the game will retain its download cost. Only the subscription is going away.

Presumably, this will be followed by an increase in the level of IAP in the game, moving it into the so-called “paymium” model. Freemium and paymium have been big business for Gameloft in recent months, so it’s no surprise that they’re moving towards that model. In fact, I predicted such a move just last week.

Heroes of Order and Chaos

As if the big OnC update wasn’t enough, Gameloft also teased their first spin-off game! Called Heroes of Order and Chaos, the teaser trailer is frustratingly vague, but exciting nonetheless. Take a look:

While Gameloft has been mum on the details, the easy money is on Heroes of Order and Chaos being some sort of RTS or MOBA style game. My own prediction is that this will be Gameloft’s attempt at League of Legends, the popular PC MOBA that has so far resisted moving to iOS.  Some alleged leaked screenshots of Gameloft Live achievements for the game seem to confirm its MOBA identity.

What Does It All Mean?

While there may be a bit of marketing hype to these announcements, the fact remains that Gameloft is continuing to support Order and Chaos Online in a big way. And by basing an all-new game on the same IP, they’re really doubling down on the brand. While I’ll take a wait-and-see approach before we declare this a bold new chapter for OnC, I have no problem saying that I’m more excited for this update than I have been for any update since the introduction of Relic’s Key last year.

If you’re excited too, then now is a great time to get into Order and Chaos Online. Gameloft is holding a pre-update 99-cent sale over at the App Store Order & Chaos© Online - Gameloft. The game currently comes with a three-month subscription built in, so you won’t ever have to pay a subscription fee.

And for those of you who used to play but drifted away from the game, Gameloft recently gifted all accounts with 6 months of additional subscription time to cover the months between the Anniversary Update and the PvP Update. So now might be a good time to log back in and join a good guild, before those PvP arenas open up!


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