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Get Ready for iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Release in March, According to New Rumors

If you were caught by surprise when Apple released the fourth-gen iPad a few months ago, then get ready for another shock to the system… In what seems like confirmation of the new twice-a-year refresh cycle, rumors have begun to circulate saying that Apple will hit us with a new iPad AND iPad Mini as early as March.

iPadmini.110202.002If it pans out, it’ll mean that both the fourth-gen iPad and iPad Mini get outdated just five months after they were announced—which is a timeframe I’m just not sure I can get used to… The rumors of coming March announcements were started by Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, who says “industry sources” started spreading the news at CES.

As far as possible details about the new devices, we’re being led to expect lighter and thinner, which is about the safest prediction you could possible make about coming Apple iOS devices. There’s also the possibility that the iPad Mini will get Retina Display—a feature that probably should have been packaged into the first release, but this is how they get you, right?

How do you feel about March iPad announcements?  We are skeptical of this rumor ourselves. Are we conditioned to this sixth-month cycle? Maybe, but we’re still expecting it will result in a new group of angry iOS buyers who feel spurned by Apple’s aggressive refresh cycle, if it actually happens.


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