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Go Deeper into Gotham City with new Augmented Reality Sound app, The Dark Knight Rises Z+

I know you’re busy getting into that Batman costume in time for the midnight showing, but in case you get a second between now and then, be sure to navigate to the App Store and check out this experimental companion to the film. The app is called The Dark Knight Rises Z+ The Dark Knight Rises Z+ - Reality Jockey Ltd., and it offers a Gotham experience quite unlike what you’ll get in the theater.

Got to say, this is the first app we’ve seen billed as an augmented sound experience, but judging from how well it’s done, it might not be the last… I’ve only had a few minutes to mess with the app, but Batfans are going to want to be aware of what Z+ technology can do for Gotham City, because the effect is pretty cool. Here’s a quick description from the “Sleeve Notes” section of the app:

“This app is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the world of the Dark Knight Rises… It features two modes: Autopilot and Manual Control. In Autopilot mode, the app detects what you are doing in your real life and plays music from the movie custom tailored to fit perfectly. It’s the soundtrack to your life!”

… And what a soundtrack it is. Written by Hans Zimmer, the music of The Dark Knight Rises is the epitome of atmospheric and creepy. And with how good the app is at detecting if you’re “still” or in “action,” there’s not much reason to venture outside of Autopilot mode unless you want to handpick your tracks or hear commentary discussions between people like Hans Zimmer and director Christopher Nolan.

With the promise of additional “moods” and “time modes” on the way, this is just the kind of film companion the App Store has been waiting for—one that lets filmmakers connect with their audiences beyond the theater experience. Let’s hope that Nolan and Zimmer have set the standard going forward and that other filmmakers will take notice.

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