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Good Luck Getting a Genius Bar Appointment at a Beijing Apple Store, Scalpers Buying them Up

Until now, we’ve never really had a reason to stop and appreciate the service Apple does by allowing us to get online and book an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar. It’s wonderful arriving on time, being serviced right away, and then leaving with your problem solved. But recently in Beijing, Apple customers might not be enjoying that sort of experience. Thanks to Chinese scalpers picking up a new game, getting a Genius Bar appointment at a Beijing Apple Store might cost you $$$.

apple-store-scalp-130729… Okay, three dollar signs might be an exaggeration. Right now, sources say the scalpers are selling Genius Bar appointments in the range of $1.63-$6.52. Just enough to be terribly annoying, seeing as Apple’s booking service has always been–and should be–free all around the world.

If push comes to shove and a Chinese customer is forced to seek out an appointment for purchase, it works like this: You contact the scalper and pick your time slot, then he or she gives you the login details, which you can use to get on Apple’s site and edit the appointment info so it matches your real credentials.

As underhanded schemes go, it’s pretty simple–but when enacted in one of the world’s most populous cities, it’s probably terribly effective, too. You’d have to figure Apple will be cracking down on this swiftly, but as of this writing they have not commented on the situation.

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