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Google Releases New Zagat App Just before Shuttering Google+ Local

Zagat-1Bad news for fans of Google+ Local. In case you hadn’t heard by now, Google is taking a new direction in helping us find the perfect spot just around the corner, and that means the removal of Google+ Local from the App Store. Don’t fret, though, because they’re replacing it with a redesigned Zagat app, one that promises the best of restaurant/entertainment listings, complete with reviews and ratings of a quality you’d expect from Zagat Zagat - Google, Inc..

A brand new Zagat app might seem to adequately fill the void left by Google+ Local, and in many ways it certainly does–but take note that at launch Zagat is starting with just nine cities. So, to enjoy the articles, videos, search tools, menus, and other bonus content that make this more than a ratings system, you’ll need to be interested in the offerings of Austin, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or Washington DC (more cities coming soon).

While Zagat definitely introduces a more trustworthy brand, we think one of the biggest advantages of the new app could be its brevity. The app description states, “No need to wade through dozens of reviews–we’ll tell you in a nutshell what other people are saying.” That’s a big perk when time is of the essence and you just want to find a decent place to dine as quick as possible, rather than reading opposing viewpoints and weighing the decision.

Want a better idea of what you can expect when migrating from Google+ Local to the new, free Zagat offering? Checkout the video to see it in action.

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