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Google Snaps Up Snapseed, Apple’s iPad App of the Year. Watch out Facebook/Instagram

Everyone freaked out when their favorite photo sharing service, Instagram, got acquired by Facebook, so it will be interesting to see the reaction to the latest big acquisition, which saw Snapseed [ Read Review / Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc. ], Apple’s 2011 iPad app of the Year, become part of Google.

The acquisition definitely puts Google in the same playing field as Facebook, seeing as Snapseed was dubbed iPad app of the year by Apple, and currently boasts more than 9 million users. It may not have quite the viral appeal of an Instagram, but there’s no doubt that Google could make good use of it through integration with Google+ and more.

We don’t have any hard figures for this latest acquisition, but Google more than likely got their money’s worth since Snapseed isn’t the only valuable property that comes along with Nik Software. The developer is also responsible for Color Efex Pro, a product which is available for both Windows and Mac… In absence of any dollar amounts, the most interesting detail we have to offer about the acquisition would have to be the fact that some of the Nik Software employees are headed to Mountain View, California as part of the deal.

So what does this mean for the ongoing war between Facebook and Google+? Can quality photo sharing services help Google compete in the social market, or are they destined to always play second fiddle to Facebook and Instagram?



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