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Google Street View coming to Navigon, will it be better than Apple’s own Maps app?

We’ve been heralding the demise of highly-priced navigation apps ever since Apple announced that they’d be doing their own thing with iOS 6. Who is going to pay upwards of $50 for an app, when the built-in Maps app will give you cool 3D views and turn-by-turn navigation? It’s also come to light that Apple has the help of TomTom on their side, so all things point to a pretty solid Maps app on the way in iOS 6.

But companies like Navigon have to try and find a way to stay relevant in the App Store, and one good way to do so might be to offer what is being taken away. In this case, one of those things is the Google Street View, which we’ve gotten used to using over the years but will no longer have at our fingertips in iOS 6… If getting a real-life look at your destination is of the upmost importance, then maybe it will be worth giving Navigon a second look. The app has always performed great in our experience, and now it will offer Google Street Views (along with the functionality of displaying them right when you arrive).

So if you’re dreading the loss of street-level views inside your maps, you’ll want to start trying to decide if it’s worth $29.99 (the current discounted price for the Navigon app NAVIGON North America - NAVIGON AG until July 16th). Even though a lack of street-level views won’t really hold back the potential of Apple’s own Maps app, there’s no question that it will be missed by some. The question is—how much, and what is the feature really worth?

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