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Hoggy Boss Levels Walkthrough and Solution

Having trouble with Hoggy’s Boss Levels? You are not alone. The last hidden level is Hoggy is very challenging and tricky. Even veteran gamers will have trouble beating the boss with just a few tries.

Not to worry, we have the video walkthrough of Hoggy boss levels here. We’ve also added tips and hints for each part of the boss levels so you will not have to play each level over and over again 20 times or more.

Entering the Space Ship

The space ship is just to the right of jars carrying keys 41-50. You’ll need to break the ice and jump all the way to the top into space. Then, move to the right to the next screen. You’ll see the space ship!

A note of caution regarding the boss levels. Boss levels are split in 4 areas. Each area is separated by pipes just like Super Mario Brothers. When you die, you should always retry the jar. If you leave, you’ll have to start over. And becareful, don’t accidentally tap the wrong button.

Boss Level Area 1

In this level, you’ll learn the basics on how to attack the boss. The boss has a switch at its bottom. Hitting it while in your square block offensive form will hurt the boss. It will escape to the next area after it has received enough damage. You’ll need to cling on the boss as it moves to head to the next area. If you are too slow at going after the boss. You lose!

Boss Level Area 2

In this level you will cling onto the boss most of the time. But that is a dirty trick you’ll realize later. Halfway through the level, you will need to get off your “ride” to turn on a switch. After the area with the bumble bees and lots of bombs, you’ll need to get in front of the boss, turn on the switch blocked off by ice, and get back on your “ride” before it goes too far ahead.

Boss Level Area 3

This is perhaps the most difficult level of all. First, you’ll need to pass through the enemies that continuously shoot bullets. Just jump up when the boss passes in front of those shooting enemies and then jump down when the boss passes through enemy barrage at the right. But right after you jump down, you’ll need to activate the switch fast. Otherwise, you’ll be squashed to death.

Afterwards, you will arrive at an area with some walking enemies on top platforms. This is the area where you’ll probably die a dozen times. If you use kill any of those walking enemies who are apparently the boss’s babies, it will hit the kill switch and you’ll die at the spikes.

You’ll have to attack the boss after you get a nut. It is recommended that you leave the nut to the top left for last. Get the nut in the middle first. But when you are getting it, just jump up and quickly jump down, otherwise, you may touch and kill one of the boss’s babies. Then just attack the boss and avoid the babies as they fall and start walking the bottom platform.

Hoggy Boss Final Fight

To defeat the boss, you’ll need to attack it 3 times. You’ll have to use the 2 spikes that will appear when you activate the switch. You’ll also have to use the 8-ball. Getting to it is tricky. After the boss flips upside down after the first attack, bounce off of it to get to the right and kick the 8-ball at the right time.

Congratulations you have beaten the boss! This has to be one of the toughest boss level on the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you want more Hoggy, there is the lost levels you’ll have to purchase to unlock. Those levels are tough and should give you more of what you like.

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